Monday, November 11, 2013


This will be the next huge earthquake that strikes a fairly large area somewhere, although hopefully it will be a far less populated area without nearly the damage it could possibly do. There is also currently a similar alert that covers a lot of the same regions in the 7.6 to 8.1 Range and is on Day 31 as of November 11, 2013. THIS New EQ Alert will begin immediately and run through Mid-December.

The maximum windspeeds of Super Typhoon Haiyan were reported at 195 with gusts having been reported as high as 235mph by the JTWC prior to the landfall. Winds at landfall and beyond are being reported at 147 with gusts at 170 and it is probable there is not much difference there except that the amount of the higher numbers that were once reported also contribute to generating Major Earthquake Energy and as a result give us that highest estimated magnitude of 9.1 Richters.

The straight line from the landfall at Philippines heads directly across Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Bangkok, but the entire tectonic plate boundary will also include up into China, Nepal, and a few other countries, and also south to Indonesia and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Region. There has also now been a lot of shaking in the wake of that landfall, too, including one at Micronesia, and two very recent ones early today, November 11, 2013 at North of Taiwan, and Mariana Islands which looks like it's very near that Mariana Trench and all just 1500 or 2000 miles due east of the landfall of Super Typhoon Haiyan at Philippines.

The rule that I like to use and have written about in books and blogs, is that with the Major Earthquake Resultant expected after the landfall of a Huge Windstorm the damage will generally be about 90% of the damage done by the windstorm! In this case the damage from Super Typhoon Haiyan is now very extensive. . . and so we will be watching for the next huge Major Earthquake with damage similarly extensive and probably one comparable to what the Philippines is presently undergoing with Philippines even being very much in the crosshairs of this potential earthquake due to having just had a Major Earthquake in recent weeks and possibly being due for a Major or even larger aftershock near Cebu City.

There may be two of these gigantic sized Major Earthquakes due to strike and on at least one or two occasions they have combined which these two hopefully will not do. The Philippines also have a number of Major Volcanoes and as a result we might also expect some Volcano Activity, too! Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This brand new now upcoming Major Earthquake will probably be in the area of 6.7 or 6.8 Richters but could go as big as a 7.6 Richters. The area of uncertainty in magnitude is as a result of Typhoon Man-Yi losing strength as it approached landfall at Honshu Japan and the amount of possible seismic energy it could have generated in that approach in shallower waters and outlying islands as well as outer bands reaching land sooner, added to the total amount contacting the tectonic plate on land during Man-Yi’s landfall there.

There is also a Major Earthquake due to strike as soon as September 20 through 23 as a result of the landfall of big CAT-4 Super Typhoon Utor at the Philippines on August 11, 2013 which could possibly strike in the early days of this O.P. and could coincide with the September 2013 Full Moon Window of September 18 through September 20 and so a big South or Central America Earthquake of 7 or 8 Richters will not come under this Official Prediction if and when one does strike at any place other than those covered by this writing.

I had a similar Official Prediction written on October 14, 2012 that crossed a similar path and I stated Edmonton in that writing. . . . . and the huge climax actually occurred at Queen Charlotte Island just 13 days later at 7.7 on October 28, 2012. You can view that Official Prediction @ AND the USGS report on that Queen Charlotte Earthquake @

You could say that due to just the above rather recent incident regarding Jelawat, that we might know the landfall of Typhoon Man-Yi will probably now precede a quite similar Major Earthquake and possibly in that same region. One slight difference being the winds reported with Typhoon Jelawat at 100mph and Typhoon Man-Yi at 75, but you could also say that 75 percent of that 7.7 at Queen Charlotte might also still be a huge earthquake.

This straight line of brand new potential earthquake energy or seismic energy will now somewhat duplicate the path of the energy from that landfall of Typhoon Jelawat very near to where this recent landfall of Typhoon Man-Yi occurred. You can view the path of Jelawat at: and looks like it could stay south of the Denali Fault. I’m not sure which side of the Denali Fault Jelawat traveled but am reasonably sure todays path will be traveling south of it and the banner headline from the Jelawat O.P. says Fairbanks. Todays line crosses very near Anchorage and goes on to cross near the epicenter of 1964 Alaska Earthquake, then onto Juneau, Helena, and finally New Madrid and while I do not expect it to vary too much from this exact line, it does appear Queen Charlotte Island is situated a few miles west of the exact line of that October 14, 2012 O.P.

Today I am putting the final end date of all of this new earthquake energy at October 22, 2013, although a lot could happen in the days in between and those regions of Alaska that are situated closer to the Japan Landfall will be first along the line to possibly be affected. There is also as I write, an immediate chance Japan might get some of this earthquake energy as a result of all of the energy from this big windstorm pushing against Shikoku and Honshu and there was already a 5.1 Richters Earthquake at Honshu in the hours after that landfall. There could be more and it will remain a possibility that Japan could be affected and receive up to the grand total of 7.6 Richters at some point throughout the duration of this Official Prediction.

Thank-You Again for taking the time to read this O.P. and Thank-You also for all the great comments I have been getting when these major earthquakes inevitably strike such as the recent ones at Peru, Easter Island, and Victoria!!! Respectfully Submitted, EQ Guy

Herein Submitted September 18, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The landfall of Typhoon Saulik at Northern Taiwan had gusts reportedly as high as 130mph and tracked straight across the very top of that island on a path that was virtually due West. Upon close checking with the World Atlas, I found that this brand new line of potential Major Earthquake energy crosses directly through a city by the name of Mandalay. The major fault line that it crosses right there at about that same point is also the one that extends south and might have been responsible for the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake. This Fault line also extends North from that point up into the region where the Sichuan, China Earthquake also struck.

Therefore, today I want to just post this "Official Prediction" although there is actually NO current such outlet that accepts such a prediction, post here for later reference such as after this Major Earthquake or possibly Mega-Thruster strikes. The range of this Major Earthquake should easily fall into the range of between 7.6 and 9.3 Richters and I will guess it at about 9.1 Richters. Mandalay, Bangladesh, and Myanmar will be first in line for this Major Earthquake Event and I must mention that Taiwan itself is getting Major Foreshocks as I am writing this and could also very easily become the epicenter of the earthquake energy that was generated right there on their island, so watch Taiwan as well as Alaska where they have now received like 275 Total Richters of Earthquake Swarms in the last day or so! Alaska and Japan are not exactly on this line, but are situated along the nearby tectonic plate boundaries you know! So would the Cascadia Fault be! In addition to Sichuan, China and Sumatra, and Indonesia being to the North and South and perhaps being susceptible to major earthquakes, there is also Guam, Hawaii, Lima Peru, New Delhi, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Yemen, and South Iran that are all situated directly on this new line of potential MegaThruster Sized Earthquake Energy.

The landfall of a similar Super Typhoon Nanmadol in December of 2004 preceded the Sumatra Earthquake of 2004 and the landfall of Cyclone Nargis at Myanmar preceded the Sichuan Earthquake at Sichuan, China 10 days later. If the numbers on this event work out the same as the numbers in the Nargis/Sichuan event, then we will be watching for this Major Earthquake, Earthquake/Tsunami, or possibly Volcano Event to take place on or possibly before Monday, July 22, 2013 although the geography is nowhere near similar here and so the full timeline on this event will actually run all the way through August of 2013 with the final end date of this Official Prediction being August 31, 2013. That Day 10 mentioned above looks like it is not only a highly suspect date we will be watching on, but also appears to be the July 2013 Full Moon!!! As of this writing I have now had so many correlations between Major Earthquakes and Full/New Moons that I consider it highly probable now that there will at least be a Giant Foreshock that night as well as the 24 hour period before and after the exact moment of the Full Moon, which in July 2013 will be July 22, 2013 at 18:17 UTC or actually the very early hours of July 22 on the other side of the world, while being like 10:17am July 22 on our West Coast.

It has been quite some time since I have had to stare at the screen on the computer trying to type while knowing full well that hundreds of thousands of people might be killed in the coming moments and hours by a major earthquake event that myself and a lot of my best readers all knew about. Many of you up to this point have now seen many of these come and go and it is actually the very reason that a lot of you are reading this right now, because you have now personally viewed any number of these where you are reading the name of a city somewhere in the world one minute. . . and seeing that a major earthquake actually struck there the next. Of course it is now very common for me because I now do this all the time, but at some point I want you all to know I hope that we will some day have the ability somehow to let the people in other parts of the world to know times such as now when there could be a major earthquake heading for them! A lot of these people in a lot of these places are like me and you and could easily be sleeping out in tents so that they will not be sleeping in their houses when an earthquake strikes. Today, me and you know there will probably be a Major Earthquake striking very, very soon. . . in the future perhaps translating my EQ Blog into all the other different languages of the world could let these people know what is going on in the world of Earthquake Prediction and as I say in my new book I'm currently writing, together we might all be able to help in Bringing Earthquakes To Life!!!

Thank-You All Again For Reading!!!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
Les Brown, The EQ Alert Guy

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I want to begin today by saying that the Northern California Region that I will be discussing or NorCal, has come up in many of my past EQ Alerts and Official Predictions and that I have a history of what I might say is a high degree of accuracy when it comes to this region up around Eureka, California.

On the day of the Northridge Earthquake I researched all the things that preceded many other major earthquakes throughout history and found a lot of them were preceded by Major Hurricanes making landfall. Not long after that day Hurricane John was a Category 5 and came within 15 miles of Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Ocean on August 25, 1994. On an old typewriter I typed several letters and sent them to my friends in the Hollywood area telling them all I knew at the time was Hurricanes, such as Hurricane John, had been known to precede Major Earthquakes because I had only been researching this matter just over 6 months at the time. On September 1, 1994, seven days later a 7.0 Earthquake struck 70 Miles Offshore from Cape Mendocino, California and it became the first ever fairly accurate prediction albeit with no idea where it might have shook.

In the years since that very exciting episode in my years as The EQ Alert Guy, I have also sent out “EQ Alert: California” following the landfalls of Hurricanes Frances, Ivan and Jeanne on September 5, 16, and 25 of 2004 and a couple days later on September 28, 2004 the Parkfield Earthquake struck. I had also written a great EQ Alert in December of 2003 in the days prior to the Paso Robles Earthquake.

On December 22, 2009 I filed an Official Prediction with both the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council and the National Council which featured the banner headline “OFFICIAL PREDICTION FOR A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE TO STRIKE CALIFORNIA BEFORE JANUARY 12, 2010.” You may view that @
Then, on the evening of January 9, 2010 Eureka, California got a 6.5 Richters Earthquake 33 Miles Offshore from Eureka! Ironically the date I gave in the banner headline and a few days after the Eureka 2010 Earthquake was the Haiti Earthquake of January 12, 2010. I predicted that sort of movement of the North American Tectonic Plate and it is similar to todays story.

When Typhoon Roke made landfall at Japan on September 21, 2011 the line representing its path across that country led directly to Southern Oregon and Northern California. Someone on one of the EQ Blogs mentioned that the October 2011 Full Moon was to be on October 12. Since the full moon would be on about Day 21 after that landfall I immediately bought a ticket and flew out to San Francisco to “Quake Chase” this upcoming event! I also filed an Official Prediction with CEPEC and NEPEC dated September 22, 2011, in addition to delivering a copy by hand to CEPEC at USGS Menlo Park via Caltrain/BART with this headline, “OFFICIAL PREDICTION FOR A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE TO STRIKE EUREKA, CALIFORNIA BEFORE OCTOBER 21, 2011.” On the day I arrived, the day before the full moon or October 11, 2011. You can that O.P. @ Today I refer to that trip to San Francisco as “Quake Chase 2011” and I personally consider it the very first ever successful Quake Chase because at 8:15pm on the night of that October 2011 full moon of October 12, 2011 there was a 5.9 Richters Earthquake Offshore from Coos Bay, Oregon which shook the neighborhood I was staying in Daly City, although it was later downgraded to a 5.3, here is that story @

Regarding the Official Prediction that I am filing herein, the winds associated with the recent EF-5 Tornado at El Reno, Oklahoma on May 31, 2013 were reported as high as 250 Mph. When I tracked the line of potential seismic energy that this huge tornado would leave behind, I immediately noticed Northern California again. However I also tracked it veering Southeast and discovered some additional shaky places and the June New Moon was quickly approaching on that date, too. It was only days after that tornado that I discovered all of this and wrote out an EQ Blog Entry for Antiqua & Barbuda with the following headline, “ New Moon Window Begins 9am Friday! ADD: Antiqua, Barbuda, Dominica & Montserrat to EQ Alerts!” You can view that EQ Blog @

Early that Sunday Morning, June 9, 2013 and within the June New Moon Window, Antiqua received a 3.8 Richters Earthquake just 2 miles East of the Island of Antiqua. Also shown in a Digital EQ Alert, link in next paragraph.

That was the direction of the path on the ground of the El Reno Tornado. In the Digital EQ Alert video I produced covering this topic @
You will notice the I have drawn this line in both directions because it became common over the years for earthquakes to happen in either direction from the biggest such windstorms, possibly due to the vortex having winds that reciprocate. Therefore today it is my opinion that the success I achieved with Antiqua, could become the next big Northern California Earthquake this time of 2013 before July 13, 2013. I will leave my guess as to the size of this possible shaker same as the headline, or 7.0, but of course it could range anywhere from a 6.6 up to a 7.6 or so. Occasionally some people like to guess the exact size, so 7.0 for my exact guess based on my very first such success back in 1994.

Hurricane Barbara’s landfall at Mexico on May 29, 2013 caused me to write an EQ Blog that could possibly have also been yet another O.P. for New Madrid, Illinois, and Chicago. I know it might not sound like much, but they just got a 2.4 North of Blytheville, Arkansas tonight and it has been a very long time since the New Madrid Region has had much shaking at all. That’s now twice I consider myself correct in less than a week, it also now possibly means there is still an Illinois or Chicago Earthquake coming for up to 5 Magnitude, yet. Please make a note of that.

I also have to have one final extension for my Official Prediction for the region South of Los Angeles through July 3, 2013 when it should virtually run out and will have struck either that region, Hawaii or out to sea beyond there by then, and hopefully unnoticed.

Thank-You Again!!!
The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The correlations used in the original Official Prediction of which this Continuation is referring were the 1992 Landers Earthquake and a 1999 Palm Springs earthquake. I had stated therein that due strictly to those two earthquakes having been preceded by tornadoes exactly 12 days earlier that June 3, 2013 could have been the date of this potential earthquake for the Los Angeles Area. I know it may have been obvious to some that in doing so I was leaving out a possible vast array of other correlations that were later and today I want to file this Continuation to include a few more later correlations in an effort to still nail the exact date for this upcoming possible Major Los Angeles Earthquake.

The correlations I wish to introduce today include the June 28, 1966 Parkfield, California earthquake that I discovered was preceded 24 days by a huge tornado at Jackson, Mississippi of June 3, 1966. This correlation would take us out to June 13, 2013. A tornado that struck Waco, Texas on May 11, 1953 preceded a 6.9 Richters Earthquake that struck the Island of Hispaniola on May 31, 1953 or Day 20 which would extend our present Official Prediction through June 9, and a tornado that struck Galliapolis, Ohio was on April 23, 1968 was followed on Day 23 by the 8.0 Tokachi Earthquake that struck Japan near Hokkaido which would correlate with our June 12, 2013 giving us June 9, June 12, and June 13 for our next window that I wish to extend this Official Prediction through with June 8 being the date of the New Moon and an additional huge correlation that will overlap todays Continuation. I am also presently leaving out a 1958 tornado that preceded a huge Mega-Tsunami of 1700 feet high on Day 35 after that tornado which will appear in my final continuation for July 3 if and when this continuation that stops at Day 23 does not produce this major earthquake.

With regards to the May 2013 Full Moon Correlation discussed in the original O.P., it appears that if you take the exact moment of the May 2013 Full Moon and translate the time of May 25 at 04:27UTC to Pacific Time and then start the window 24 hours before the exact moment as I explain in the original Official Prediction, you will come out at 9:27pm Pacific Time on May 23, 2013. Ironically the Susanville/Greenville, California 5.9 Earthquake struck at 8:47pm Pacific Time or 40 minutes before this window commenced. The 8.3 Richters Kamchatka Earthquake struck around 2 hours later at 10:44pm PDT and well within that window! Now, the June New Moon will be at 8:59pm Pacific Time on June 8, 2013 with the 24 hour window beginning at 8:59pm on Friday, June 7, 2013 and continue on until June 9 at 8:59pm Pacific and as usual a few minutes before and after those exact times. I would be watching very closely through that 48 hour window!

Similar to how there were other major earthquakes lurking as of the writing of the original O.P., there are also a few others that will be in effect during this Continuation. New Madrid, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and Chicago for up to 5.9 Richters is one, which will continue on to Nepal, Novosibirsk and Kazakhstan easily through the end of June 2013, and there has just been a huge tornado at El Reno, Oklahoma now rated EF-5 and reportedly 2 and a half miles wide that will assuredly produce still more earthquake energy. This could complicate the present Los Angeles and Southern California O.P. for which this Continuation applies through June 13, but also since Mt. St. Helens was Day 5 after the Kalamazoo Tornado as stated in my original Official Prediction, which would then mean the El Reno Resultant could occur as soon as June 5, 2013 and possibly as far West as Mt. St. Helens or California. Thinking about it perhaps we should consider the El Reno Tornado to now be a player in this “Continuation of Official Prediction.” That would possibly increase the total magnitude of one single earthquake which I have already placed as high as the 7 Magnitude Range, but would likely only increase to the 8 Magnitude Range for areas that lie beyond the jurisdiction of CEPEC and NEPEC so therefore discussion would not be necessary.

As of the moment that I am writing this Continuation, there have now been a huge series of earthquakes striking at Niland, California at the Southern end of the Salton Sea and 19 miles North of Imperial, California, a few miles North of Mexico/Calexico at the border with Mexico there. In the past there have been similar swarms that have gone on to precede Major Earthquakes such as the December 2009/January 2010 Baja California Swarm of over 155 Richters that ultimately preceded both the Eureka 2010 Earthquake and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. See My EQ Blog Entry for January 1, 2010 @

For reasons I have described above, I now wish to extend my Official Prediction filed May 22, 2013 for Los Angeles and Southern California until 11:59pm on June 13, 2013 and must note that similar to the manner in which the original also included California due to California being in the path of the earthquake energy of Cyclone Mahassen at Bangladesh, with todays Continuation California might also be in the path of some additional earthquake energy from the El Reno Tornado. This now Continued Official Prediction should only apply to Los Angeles, however please note that San Francisco just received a direct hit of a 1.5 Richters Earthquake with the epicenter being very near the Sundance Cinemas location in Downtown San Francisco at 1881 Post Street in the Pacific Heights Neighborhood just one mile from the Embarcadero. There may be a huge alert for San Francisco that could result in the need for a separate Official Prediction to follow, until then that might indicate potential trouble up that way with all the movement that has been going on along the San Andreas Fault in recent days. If all these energies were to combine at San Francisco it could be as big as 7.9 Richters at any moment or 7.0 to 7.9 on the Richter Scale, however I had only intended this O.P. to refer to the “Straight Line” Earthquake Energy traveling across far Southern California and onto Hawaii, etc.

Thank-You for accepting this Continuation Mr. Parrish and Mr. Blanpied and I want to add that I hope none of these huge California Earthquakes will strike, but am sorry to report to you that I have witnessed too many such correlations to not do anything and hope that someday in the future the public conscience will become well aware of such correlations as I discussed in this report. Thank-You Again!

Respectfully Submitted, EQ Guy

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma at the 3pm hour on May 20, 2013 was over one mile wide, with winds over 200 mph, and has now been rated at EF-5. There was a tornado very similar to this one that struck along the same exact line on May 2, 1999 that was followed by an earthquake of 5.0 that struck near Palm Springs, California on May 14, 1999 or Day 12 after the 1999 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado.
I am writing today due to the fact that there are now a few such correlations and it is my opinion that with this new major tornado strike, there may now be more seismic energy heading out towards about the same region of Southern California.
Between June 14 and June18 of 1992 there was a major tornado outbreak which ultimately consisted of 170 tornadoes according to the article titled “Mid-June 1992 tornado outbreak.” On Day 12 after that first day in the June 1992 series of tornadoes at 4:57 local time a 7.3 Richters earthquake struck California with the epicenter near the town of Landers, California.
This Official Prediction is related to the fact that both of the above events were major earthquakes that followed major tornadoes and therefore I submit to the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council that there could be a similar major earthquake now following this major tornado at Moore, Oklahoma of May 20, 2013.
I have selected the range of possible magnitudes used in the banner headline to reflect the range from the two examples I used above. While it should probably be at least a 5 Magnitude such as followed that 1999 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado; it should not be much higher that the Landers Earthquake which followed an entire series of major tornadoes and had a magnitude of 7.3 on the Richter Scale.
I track such potential sources of seismic or earthquake energy in laymans terms, with the use of globes and maps. First finding the exact spot on the globe where in this case the tornado struck, and use a straight-line tool to delineate the exact path on the ground of the tornado. Next, I look in both directions and assuming this potential seismic energy will travel in a straight line I check to see where it might strike looking first for the shakiest of places that are the first cities and towns along this line. I sometimes also will employ maps of the regions where the line travels to because of not being familiar with say all the countries to the West, and South West of Algiers. Maps fill in all of the lesser known areas and occasionally give me very exact results.
The results that are of the utmost importance today consist of the fact that Washington, DC showed up on the globe! Philadelphia as well, telling me I should mention Richmond, VA since they tend to receive all the earthquakes up in that region, and while this Official Prediction could be construed to be in affect up that way, it was not my intentions when I set out to draft todays O.P. For the record the line also intersects with Hawaii, but regions beyond the boundaries of the North American Tectonic Plate will also go beyond the dates given in the above headline and further into June of 2013. In that case I reserve the right to continue this O.P. through June at a later date.
I came across an excellent illustration in picture format showing the lines of both the 1999 and 2013 Moore, Oklahoma Tornadoes but do not routinely attach pictures and so I will instead describe both lines as heading just slightly to the North of due East and only a mile or so south of Interstate 40 which actually travels virtually due West from almost that same point to Barstow, California and it is my opinion that the slight difference in degrees Westwardly is by a far out coincidence, also taken up somewhat in the curvature of the earth. . . Ultimately coming very close to actually meeting up once again just South of Los Angeles, California.
Therefore I want to state that this line of potential seismic energy intersects the counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Imperial, and San Diego at that point, and that according to my calculations they should get a Major Earthquake in the range of 5 to 7.3 on the Richter Scale before 11:59pm on June 3, 2013.
Obviously it is hardly an unreasonable bet that an earthquake will strike that region in the above stated time frame, but I should add that Iran also received a 6.2 on May 11, 1999 and it is not uncommon for all of the earthquake energy to be released in one Major Earthquake which in this case I do not have reason to suggest could be larger than the Landers Earthquake of 1992, but having not yet occurred agreeably it remains possible it could all be released near Los Angeles such as in the Landers Earthquake where a 6.5 also struck near Big Bear City, California 3 hours later.
Finally, the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 also followed a major tornado that destroyed half of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The tornado struck at 4:09pm on May 13, 1980 rated F-3, and the eruption struck at 8:32am on May 18, 1980 on Day 5 after the Kalamazoo Tornado. “1980 Eruption of Mt. St. Helens” and “1980 Kalamazoo Tornado.” If those dates could apply to that much further South Region then this upcoming Los Angeles Earthquake could strike as early as Friday, May 24, 2013 at 7:19pm or 8pm adjusted for the duration of that tornado. There is hardly any basis for such a calculation, though, it is mostly to demonstrate the much shorter time sequence than those other two and might possibly be shorter because of the nature of the bedrock in that Northern Region. Note the exact moment of the May 2013 Full Moon is May 25, 2013 at 4:27UTC or 9:27pm Pacific Time, and the entire 24 hour before and after window would include that day and time which I have calculated.
This Official Prediction is only for the new Seismic Energy heading directly for the region South of Los Angeles. During the course of much of the first two weeks of this O.P. there are other potential earthquakes that may strike other regions due to the landfall of Cyclone Mahasen at Bangladesh and another tornado that struck Granbury, Texas both late on May 15, 2013, but with that seismic energy heading elsewhere such as Sichuan, China, Tibet, Idaho, Seattle, and possibly California by June 28, 2013.
I submit to CEPEC and NEPEC today that I have had previous “EQ Alerts” in effect prior to the 2003 Paso Robles, 2004 Parkfield, 2005 Sumatra Earthquakes, an Official Prediction in effect during the January 9, 2010 Eureka Earthquake and January 12, 2010 Haiti Earthquakes, accurately tracked the Potential Earthquake Energy from the August 2005 landfall of Hurricane Katrina directly to the epicenter of the 2005 Islamabad Earthquake, and have many more lesser known alerts and other earthquake writings that have been very accurate over the years!
There are major earthquakes that will be happening here inside of the window I describe above and possibly the days just beyond and very likely for the Los Angeles Region. At some point in the future it is my hope that we might simply inform the public of such correlations and the possibility that earthquakes might follow.
Thank-You Again for accepting all of my earthquake writings and especially for taking the time to listen to my correlation of major tornadoes and major earthquakes.

Respectfully Submitted,
Name Edited,
The EQ Alert Guy

EXHIBIT A-My Curriculum Vitae:

I attended school in my hometown in Wisconsin, and went on to receive my General Education Diploma from Blackhawk Tech in October 1981, later attending TV Actors Studio in Chicago where I received a diploma from their Commercials One and Two course in early 1989. Throughout the 1990’s I worked as a Background Actor in Chicago Film Production working my way up to Feature Roles and Bit Parts and joining the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists or AFTRA, as well as going on to begin an Apprenticeship with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in 1996 and heading to Los Angeles in 1999 when work ran out in Wisconsin. There I moved my AFTRA card and worked for Central Casting at the studios out there as well as moved my apprenticeship to work with the Southern California Millwrights local #1607 on a number of jobs out there having also worked on a lot of movies and television productions during this time as well. My California Apprenticeship was actually an Indenturement approved through Sacramento and affiliated with Santa Ana College in Santa Ana, California where I still have transcripts on file, there. In January of 2003 I moved my carpenters union card back to Milwaukee by taking and passing their Journeymans Test and thereby completing my apprenticeship, albeit without going the graduation route.
Never married I currently reside at Moms house on Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin where I watch Hurricanes, Typhoons, windstorms in general and earthquakes very closely on a daily basis and I write my EQ Blog, EQ Twitter, and EQ Guy Facebook among other earthquake writings and some Hollywood stuff, too! In August 2008 I was hired by Per-Mar Security in Madison, Wisconsin as an Event Security person for Wisconsin Badgers Football, Basketball, Hockey, Track Meets, and etc. and while Per-Mar does not have the Badgers contract this year I continue to be employed with them and go out on many other great assignments that I continue to enjoy!
There has also been a streak of Film Production in Chicago and so I have been doing a lot of acting in movies and TV Shows shooting in Chicago this year! Chicago Fire is one of my favorites where I worked right at the actual Chicago Fire Department station that is seen on TV and was also seen in a Close-Up with the 2 Paramedics at the Nursing Station recently, too. That Great TV Series on NBC was just recently renewed until next year, so it will be keeping me busy into the future, now. Perhaps the biggest part of my recent acting life was as a Mafioso on FOX-TV’s “Mob Doctor” where I played a Mobster at the funeral of the father of Grace the star of that show, although I did not seem to see that part air, and the show has been canceled. I just finished work on two other pilots and one titled "Betrayal" was recently green lighted by ABC-TV and hopefully will stay in Chicago!
Additionally, I recently received my Screen Actors Guild Card in the mail and now hope that will lead to me getting to do some real acting and parts that will lead to lots more work in TV and Motion Pictures! Then possibly out to Hollywood again in the future to do some more work in the Movie Business and more work with Earthquakes!!! Thank-You!!! LES

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latest Correlation With Severe Winter Conditions/Full Moon Coming on Monday, February 25, 2013

February 21, 2013

To: All EQ Alert People
From: EQ Guy

As you might know over the years I have employed severe winter conditions as just one of my methods for tracking potential earthquake energy. There is currently what I deem to be quite enough of that to warrant watching this coming Monday, February 25, 2013, also date of this months Full Moon, watching for Major Earthquake at California or our West Coast. Add Alaska, too, since recent one struck at Craig, Alaska.
Here is a copy of that EQ Blog I just posted today which goes on to add Day 20, or the following Saturday will be the date of correlation with the date of Northridge Earthquake and the Eureka 2010 Earthquake. Of course Day 23 after severe winter conditions, or the date of the Haiti Earthquake will then follow. See “North American Blizzard of 2009” at Wikipedia, or @ for just ONE of these big Severe Winter Conditions Correlations!
Remember if there is significant snow melting it will reduce this alert, until then let us say 6.5 to 7.6 Richters. Thank-You Again!! Sincerely, The EQ Guy


Thursday, February 21, 2013

5.8 Richters 20 Miles South of Colima, Mexico!!! Keep Watching California!!!

There was a 5.8 at Colima, Mexico yesterday. Monday will be the correlation date of Paso Robles Earthquake, and recent Craig, Alaska Earthquake and amount of snow does not appear to be backing off along our East Coast although I had heard of some melting we should continue to watch as a precaution. ALSO, Monday, February 25, 2013 will be the FULL MOON! So, here we have a date of correlation with Major Earthquakes, due date FOR a new major shaker, and a Full Moon event all coming up on this Monday! Be watching until then for a new event to shake California or our West Coast on a date number that just could be less than 16 after severe winter event. But also remember Day 20, the correlation date with Northridge and Eureka 2010 will follow. EQ Guy

Posted by The EQ Alert Guy at Thursday, February 21, 2013  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Great Northridge Earthquake 19 Year Anniversary!!!!!

It was just another day of writing screenplays for major motion pictures like I was trying to be doing every day back on this day in 1994. I do not always turn on the TV or a radio since I figured out I can produce more material without any such inturuptions, so when I finally did turn on the TV I could not believe what I was seeing! The pictures on the TV were unbelievable! The destruction, fires and all of the talk of seismology and fault lines and aftershocks, etc. were so unfamiliar to me back in those days that I wouldn't have known much at all about what the professionals were even talking about! Then came the list of names of famous celebrities, stars, and all the notoria who were quickly becoming involved in what was the very first Major Earthquake ever to strike Hollywood!!! There had been smaller ones over the years in the general region but this was practically a direct hit! That was the exact moment on that day on January 17, 1994 when I decided that I, too, must try to do my share to help in the great effort that was about to start taking place! That was to help the people of Los Angeles in any way possible! Others were helping by traveling out there to do rescue, and search and rescue work, others Red Cross work. Me. . . after giving it a few moments of thought away from my screenplay writing, I decided that I would spend a few hours looking into what might have caused such a Major Earthquake to happen!!! That was when I began immediately to check through just the most recent old newspapers still around the house and then the ones still in a nearby recycling bag. There I found that the most likely culprit was those severe winter conditions that we just so happened to be experiencing right there in Wisconsin! Yes, sub-zero temperatures, two feet of snow across the entire country, 55 mile per hour winds, and 4 feet of snow in the Sierras convinced me that the movement of the North American Tectonic Plate was forcing against the Pacific Tectonic Plate out around the San Andreas Fault and caused a fault line to shake at or near Northridge, California! The rest is history! Of course I used that exact information to write out a "Winter Conditions EQ Alert" prior to the Paso Robles Earthquake in 2003, and an Official Prediction from those same severe winter conditions in December of 2009 which resulted in the Eureka 2010 Earthquake and a few days later the Haiti Earthquake! Possibly also the cause of our more recent 7.5 Richters Earthquake at Craig, Alaska. Over the years combining many other factors to create what I today call "Precision Plate Tectonics" or tracking precision movements of tectonic plates in order to calculate future movements! And it all started this day in 1994!!!!! Thank-You for reading! EQ Guy