Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Official Prediction--Ciudad Altamirano, Guerrero, Mexico

On April 21, 1998 the city of Ciudad Altamirano, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico was hit by an earthquake of 5.4 Richters Magnitude that shook buildings in Mexico City. The city of Ciudad Altamirano has a population of 25,317 and is on the Rio Cutzamala River which is a branch of the Rio Balsas River, of course Rio means river in Spanish. The city of Ciudad Altamirano is named after Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, who was a 19th Century President of the Mexico Supreme Court. (Info courtesy of www.wikipedia.com ) The capital of the State of Guerrero, Mexico is Chilpancingo where there was also an earthquake on April 27, 2009 of 5.6 Richters Magnitude. Although I’m just naming that town because it is the capital of this state which is very near where the upcoming major earthquake should strike, note that the Capital city is not the location and I do not actually even know where the capital is on the map. I did however find the name of the city of Ciudad Altamirano and that there had been an earthquake there in the year 1998 and so I suppose that makes it reasonably possible that this could be the epicenter or very close to where this upcoming major earthquake could strike at any moment. I also named the two rivers, the one that runs through Ciudad Altamirano and the one that it is a branch of because very often such rivers seem to run very close if not parallel to fault lines.
The actual spot where the straight line that is the result of the recent Hurricane Karl that struck near Veracruz, Mexico runs very near this town, but actually just a little south of the actual town center. I will try to have another update and perhaps find another actual town like Ciudad Altamirano as soon as I can. As I write this it is now Day 4 after the landfall of that Category 3 Hurricane Karl, and a major earthquake is due in this region of Mexico or Central America at any moment now. I'll put my exact Magnitude at 7.1 Richters. Be prepared!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Small Alert Yellowstone, Idaho, Seattle/Vancouver! Also Oklahoma, Chicago, Moose Jaw! 5.8 or 5.9 Richers

Tropical Storm Hermine made landfall very late last night and I'm going to just call the spot Brownsville, Texas even though the actual landfall was probably a few miles south of Brownsville in Mexico. I recall the winds being reported at around 65 mph just prior to landfall so that will be about the windspeed we will consider this storm having been at, it also looks right now like it may still be at around 65 mph and clearly isn't over yet with tornado warnings surrounding it as Hermine continues up through Texas. A close look at the sort of NorthNorthWest direction Hermine was heading at landfall it appears this new smaller earthquake energy is heading towards Yellowstone, Idaho, and maybe Seattle/Vancouver or on to Alaska. This will be a small enough earthquake that we could stop tracking at Alaska, say 5.8 or 5.9 Richters and will probably not affect California but be aware of it, anyways. Note that it also turned and at present is still a Tropical Storm, but headed basically North! That earthquake energy could strike Oklahoma, Missouri, Memphis or Tennessee, Illinois, and maybe up around Chicago. We can stop tracking this one at Chicago unless you are like up in Moose Jaw and it really matters to you. All in all just this note for folks who enjoy knowing when every earthquake is coming and where!!! Probably not much damage and hopefully no injuries, but this will probably turn out to be a fairly accurate earthguake energy. Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy