Thursday, March 31, 2011


Estimate Dead At 100,000 or More In Coast Cities!!!

The eyes of the world were taken from any smaller thing like the Greek and Italian War Sunday by the appalling disaster in Japan. The estimate of 100,000 lives lost in Yokohama and Tokio was only an estimate. Just the moment wireless communications was opened between Shanghai and Japanese points, the news came to the Gazette Sunday and the bulletin was posted. Hundreds of people in the evening saw this bulletin. Only a little was added by the morning papers. In Japan it is Tuesday, the calendar being one day ahead of us here. No water, no food, a great city still burning is the news of the day. Each story only adds to the horror of the disaster. People fled in panic to the mountains near-by. Yokohama was destroyed and the capital of Japan, 17 miles away, was wrecked. A typhoon blew down hundreds of buildings Saturday. When it subsided earthquake shocks followed one after another. Buildings were piled in heaps and fire broke out. It was a scene of horror and death. For a hundred miles along the shore, towns were piled in heaps. Nagoya, a city of 350,000 people was destroyed and other smaller towns are no more. Tidal waves and landslides wrecked other cities and sea coast villages and buried them forever. Hundreds of Americans are somewhere in the city of Yokohama, and Tokio houses several thousands of Americans resident there. It will be days in the confusion and terror before reports of the whereabouts of all Americans can be learned. Only the most meagre news is yet available owing to the conditions of wire and wireless service.


The situation in Japan resulting from one of the greatest disasters in history as disclosed by advices up to this morning is as follows:

Estimated that at least 100,000 persons dead. One report even gave this number for the number of Tokio’s dead.

Shocks, believed to be “Settling Shocks” of the original temblor, were recorded on American seismographs.

Great tidal waves followed the first shock.

Communications with Japan continued virtually paralyzed. Some matter coming out by cable from Southern Japanese seaports, but most of information emanating from Iwaki radio station, 155 miles north of Tokio.

Disastrous fires following earthquake believed under control.

Numerous structures of scenic or historic interest destroyed.

Fears are entertained for numerous Americans in Japan or on ships either in Yokohama harbor or near it, for nothing has been heard from any of these ships, though several were large passenger liners equipped with wireless.

British and American navel vessels have been ordered to Japan to give relief. Relief ships have been started from other Japanese ports to Yokohama. All Japanese vessels ordered to take up relief work.

Osaka and Kobe voted 300,000 Yen for relief work.

Martial law declared in Tokio and Yokohama, and no one allowed to enter the former unless he carries his own food.

Numerous volcanoes are reported in eruption.

Tokio: Eight wards of the cities fifteen virtually wiped out, including business and financial districts; much damage elsewhere, water supply failed, fire caused explosion in Governors arsenal, killed several thousand. Food and water lacking for thousands of refuges.

Yokohama: Foreign and business sections wiped out largely by fire; tens of thousands of guests, including many foreigners at resorts in mountains near by. Estimated 1,400 houses burned.

Yokosuka: Tidal wave wrecked many government vessels, much damage done in town which is of 70,000 population, fire reported broken out, naval station engulfed by tidal wave and buildings and ships destroyed.

Nagoyia: Population 620,000 reported practically destroyed.

Sasako: Six hundred reported perished in collapsed railway tunnel.

Osaka: Railroads for hundred miles north torn up, many trains wrecked with heavy casualties.

Ito: More than 500 houses washed away by tidal wave.

Kakone: At this famous mountain resort it is said to be easier to count living than dead. Foreigners frequented this district.

Karuakara: Aviator reported could not see one house upright.

Okoshima: “Picture Island” reported submerged.

Odawara: Swept by tidal wave.

Note: Story From Janesville (Wis.) Daily Gazette, September 3, 1923

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan Just Got A Lot Of Major Aftershocks!!!

CHECK OUT ALL of the Aftershocks that have struck Japan!!!! @ There are some really big shakers in the last few hours! And 48 Hours after the Full Moon / Super Moon, too!!!!! Earthquake Energy ending soon??? EQ Guy

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full Moon/Super Moon Alert!!!!!

Just heard at the last minute yesterday that last nights full moon was actually a Super Moon!!! Now I have to add today that the alert for earthquake energy from the full moon continues for a few days yet, and I notice Christchurch, New Zealand had a sizable aftershock within hours of the exact time of the full moon, and Japan seems to have had significant activity as well. Everybody should be alert and well aware that the additional potential earthquake energy from a full moon and especialy a Super Moon the added energy goes on for about three days and I prefer to watch closely at least the following two nights which include tonight and tomorrow night! Expect a major earthquake and possibly something in Japan, but really watch San Andreas/Los Angeles/San Francisco a couple days yet! And Be Prepared!!!!! And Thank-You everybody who has been reading my earthquake writing lately since it's now up to about a thousand views more than usual!!! Thank-You for reading!!!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Friends in Nuke Plants, and Those Who are EQ Prediction NAY SAYERS!!!!!

They are currently getting a swarm of medium sized earthquakes at The Gulf of California. These are in the 4 and 5 Richters range but more importantly there have as of Sunday morning been so many of them that I expect major movement along the plate margin between the Pacific and North American Tectonic Plates at practically any second!!! That includes the San Andreas Fault. This seems to be a major movement, it is not everyday that there are 4 and 5 Richter earthquakes out there in the middle of that Gulf!!!!! Be Prepared and know that something is probably going to be shaking soon, maybe Central America? Next thing is that I have a lot of friends who work at those Nuclear Plants and many of them will be the guys who are now forced to work on those Nukies in Japan where everything is catawampus right now. There are not enough guys who do that type of work in the world to crew up all the jobs going over there and I doubt if they have the Japanese Maintenance Electricians to fix the now up to 8 Nuke Plants about to melt down either. My phone actually rang one day to go to one, and for whatever reason I just so happened to pass on it, while at the same time knowing it didn’t quite pay enough to make up for the risks involved and there is always enough other work. We put on these suits and each guy goes into a room and turns a wrench like one or two times and then leaves to change and shower and the next guy goes in and turns it one or two more times, etc. When the job is all through they bury all those suits and all the tools that were used!!! Don’t even ask me why I have talked about wanting to be a Secuitry Guy at a Nuclear Plant??? Used to think it would be a cool job, I suppose. Next, most of you reading this right now knew there was a huge amount of earthquake energy heading for Japan and today I want to point out to all of you who don’t like some of the stuff I say about earthquakes that you are now to blame for the problems Japan and the People of Japan are going through. Those people get my blog and they needed a lot of you not to be nay saying earthquake prediction like all of you have heard people do. Japan was in trouble and you read it here in my earthquake blog over the past several days prior to the Honshu Earthquake Friday! In the future it is my hope that my earthquake alerts will not be ignored and that people will take adequate precautions and next time Japan will Be Prepared!!! But it takes not just a few of you who are my friends and read/believe my writings. . . . . it will take all of you!!!!! Finally keep in mind that there is STILL a continued Major Alert for a Great Earthquake, possibly at our West Coast, and this could be any moment or any day now. EQ Alert Guy

Friday, March 11, 2011

MAJOR EARTHQUAKE STRUCK JAPAN!!!!! 8.8 Richters With Massive Amounts Of Damage!!!!!

They were very worried about the state of several of their nuclear plants but seem to have since gotten all of that under control. Tsunami alerts are now all around the shores of the Pacific including the West Coast of the United States and etc. Many, many aftershocks are following and will probably follow for quite a while yet.

Note that this is so huge of an earthquake event that there will do doubt be huge earthquakes also following practically everywhere or anywhere in the world!!! I will update this story later on today, there is just so much going on!!!

My own personal "EQ Alert" for California is as big as ever right now and will continue as previously posted up to March 17 and i want to repeat that is 43 days after Yasi/Queensland with 340 KMH winds. 43 days was the number of days the Great Islamabad Earthquake followed the landfall of Hurricane Katrina.

This is to be continued, I will update later!!!

I have no professional training in the field of earthquakes or geology and my training is as a carpenter and some automotive work background so please do not rely on any of my information as official, it is just your basic EQ Blog written by a boy sitting up in his moms basement in Wisconsin USA. Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

Monday, March 7, 2011

Update on that EQ Alert for Kiribati, Christchurch, and Tuvalu!!!

March 7, 2011

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

I want everybody to know today that my recent EQ Alert for Kiribati, Christchurch, and Tuvalu dated February 3, 2011, ended up being the now famous Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake at 6.3 Richters Magnitude and nearing 200 deaths. Because I know from my past experiences that folks are going to ask how I guessed Christchurch exactly right, I am writing today to explain that. It is my opinion that the earthquake energy that recently struck Christchurch originated with Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi the day Yasi made landfall at Queensland, Australia with windspeeds reported at 340 Kilometers Per Hour or I think I had also heard 160 Miles Per Hour but in all events somewhere in that range of high speed intense wind power! Generally in the past I have watched for the amount of damage at such a landfall to determine the amount of earthquake energy created, but over time I have sometimes just used the windspeed especially with winds as high as Yasi.

Next, if you look at the exact point at Australia where Yasi made landfall and follow this line the opposite direction you will cross directly over the island of Kiribati and on to Baja California passing very near a couple of other places. . . . . one being New Zealand! At that point my main focus becomes the fact that Christchurch had recently had some major earthquake energy and so as a result I automatically just write down the name Christchurch due to my policy of first wishing to alert people who might be in the path of potential earthquake energy and at that point Christchurch was very near that path!!! It should be noted that the actual energy from this Severe Tropical Cyclone is still currently heading THE OTHER DIRECTION, though, and that I usually just expect that sort of tectonic plate movement to cause some such earthquake energy to strike in the WAKE of that plate movement. Probably the most major release of earthquake energy has yet to come and could be the San Andreas Fault and California. Note that I write California because this letter is primarily going to my readers on the West Coast of the United States. Other areas such as Vancouver Island, Mexico, Central America and etc. may also be affected, but please be watching around San Francisco, and Los Angeles for a major earthquake as big, but not bigger than 8 Richters. I suppose Hawaii does have a small chance of catching some of this major earthquake energy as it crosses the Pacific Tectonic Plate and since this is basically just the type of energy that pushes that tectonic plate as opposed to energy that might travel in a straight line across it, there very well could be continued plate movement affecting Hawaii and that Kilaeua Volcano, but I do not expect a repeat of Vesuvius 79 AD by any means!!! This earthquake energy should be released in the coming 10 days, on or before March 17, 2011 and this letter is mostly meant as an update/reminder that there is still currently Major Earthquake Energy out there somewhere that is as of yet unaccounted for and could strike at any moment!!! Be Prepared!!!

The EQ Alert Guy