Monday, March 7, 2011

Update on that EQ Alert for Kiribati, Christchurch, and Tuvalu!!!

March 7, 2011

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

I want everybody to know today that my recent EQ Alert for Kiribati, Christchurch, and Tuvalu dated February 3, 2011, ended up being the now famous Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake at 6.3 Richters Magnitude and nearing 200 deaths. Because I know from my past experiences that folks are going to ask how I guessed Christchurch exactly right, I am writing today to explain that. It is my opinion that the earthquake energy that recently struck Christchurch originated with Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi the day Yasi made landfall at Queensland, Australia with windspeeds reported at 340 Kilometers Per Hour or I think I had also heard 160 Miles Per Hour but in all events somewhere in that range of high speed intense wind power! Generally in the past I have watched for the amount of damage at such a landfall to determine the amount of earthquake energy created, but over time I have sometimes just used the windspeed especially with winds as high as Yasi.

Next, if you look at the exact point at Australia where Yasi made landfall and follow this line the opposite direction you will cross directly over the island of Kiribati and on to Baja California passing very near a couple of other places. . . . . one being New Zealand! At that point my main focus becomes the fact that Christchurch had recently had some major earthquake energy and so as a result I automatically just write down the name Christchurch due to my policy of first wishing to alert people who might be in the path of potential earthquake energy and at that point Christchurch was very near that path!!! It should be noted that the actual energy from this Severe Tropical Cyclone is still currently heading THE OTHER DIRECTION, though, and that I usually just expect that sort of tectonic plate movement to cause some such earthquake energy to strike in the WAKE of that plate movement. Probably the most major release of earthquake energy has yet to come and could be the San Andreas Fault and California. Note that I write California because this letter is primarily going to my readers on the West Coast of the United States. Other areas such as Vancouver Island, Mexico, Central America and etc. may also be affected, but please be watching around San Francisco, and Los Angeles for a major earthquake as big, but not bigger than 8 Richters. I suppose Hawaii does have a small chance of catching some of this major earthquake energy as it crosses the Pacific Tectonic Plate and since this is basically just the type of energy that pushes that tectonic plate as opposed to energy that might travel in a straight line across it, there very well could be continued plate movement affecting Hawaii and that Kilaeua Volcano, but I do not expect a repeat of Vesuvius 79 AD by any means!!! This earthquake energy should be released in the coming 10 days, on or before March 17, 2011 and this letter is mostly meant as an update/reminder that there is still currently Major Earthquake Energy out there somewhere that is as of yet unaccounted for and could strike at any moment!!! Be Prepared!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

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