Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sympathy to those affected by recent earthquake at Christchurch New Zealand

It was on like the second day/night after the full moon when the sky is still very bright from the light of the waning moon that the recent major shaker struck New Zealand. I’ve mentioned in the past that huge ships should be made aware that they occasionally cross over very, very shaky fault lines and that “Weight On The Tectonic Plate” is very much an issue and consideration that should at least in the future be known since the filling of reservoirs has long been the cause of major earthquakes, big ships crossing major fault lines might need to be thought of in the future. This primarily because of one report that the Cruise Ship-Queen Elizabeth was reported to have actually been passing the Queen Mary II just off like Sydney Australia on Tuesday the same exact day as the Christchurch earthquake, weather it was the exact same time as the earthquake I do not know.

I'm writing to send my Sincere Sympathy to all those affected by the recent major shaker that struck at Christchurch New Zealand yesterday. EQ Guy


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