Sunday, June 3, 2018


At this point in time, as far as my own personal work at forecasting precision movement of tectonic plates is concerned, many is the time I’ve now accurately tracked potential earthquakes from the point they were generated, Point A, to where a Major Earthquake would then strike, or Point B.

One in particular that is worth mention today is when Hurricane Lili made landfall at a place called Intercoastal, Louisiana on October 3, 2002. I’m also using the basis of this event to accurately guestimate the amount of time and thus the date this one might strike. I say that because that landfall resulted in one of my early “EQ Alerts” for Italy, and Italy got a 5.9 on Day 28 or October 31, 2002, killing 26 school-children and one teacher when a school collapsed, there!

So the route across the North American Tectonic Plate, across the Atlantic, across Europe, and directly to Italy that event traveled is roughly parallel and very close to this imaginary line we’re watching and talking about today. It was even a great shock to me that day, knowing it could happen, and discovering that the potential earthquake energy not only faithfully followed across the Atlantic, but must have mysteriously crossed under the Atlantic Ocean and continued on to Italy, although today I track such events everywhere and Ocean Plates have not been a challenge since that event. Still, this event is today not only running a similar line to where I believe we are tracking today, but was also the first ever found to travel that route!

Today we are talking about the landfall of Severe Tropical Cyclone Mekunu at Yemen and Oman on May 25, 2018 and the fact that the first reading of where potential straight-line earthquake energy might be headed using a globe and straight-line tool came out at Chicago and continued on through St. Louis.

I always take several readings in a process similar to how we use precision tools to measure similar types of parts. My second reading came out as a line more near to New York and Washington DC, and third reading came out Chicago and more into Indiana. . . But Chicago again just the same along with one final reading just now calibrated with the clip showing that landfall and that reading. . . Chicago! Incidentally all those readings do also cross Canada, near Ottawa and Ontario, Mid-Atlantic Ridge where we should assume some shaking will occur, and the UK and any of those places could also get all of the 6.5 total we’re watching for today, now. . . And then some!

Then we have all areas between New York and Chicago along with areas around Charleston, and New Madrid and possibly as far west as Oklahoma, Yellowstone, or Montana again, too. The line inevitably continues to Guadalajara, Mexico where this will probably eventually all lead to a Major Earthquake of about 7.3, or 7.8 regardless of what extent all these other places shake! It’s also possible that the point where this “Potential Earthquake Energy” crosses Greece, Italy, Turkey, and other places in that region will get Major Earthquakes, and it will be possible ALL of the potential could be exhausted right there in one or a series of Great Earthquakes.

In the event of a Great Italy, Turkey, or Greece Earthquake in this window, we will pretty much need to keep watching all of the other places along this line as a precaution in case more could still happen. At this point in all my theories, there is not yet at this point a theory that says not to worry about an earthquake in this situation. Although that CAN happen in some parts of the world when all alerts have either run out or are only for more distant places. That won’t apply here and/or now or later with this alert, though.

Landfall of Severe Tropical Cyclone Mekunu had winds of 104 mph, with gusts up to 145 mph, made landfall at Yemen, and on May 25, 2018 our time. I’ll generally continue to track such an event with Day-30, Day-43, and Day-60 all being critical as far as a lot of them striking around Day 30, and Day 76 being what I consider about the final day when things have shook along a given line. Therefore Day 30, or June 24, 2018, is about the day! Then Day 43 will follow on July 7 and is also a big day, along with Day 60 on July 24, but in the near term Day 18, 20, or 23, or June 12, 14 and 17, for Turkey, Italy, and etc. might be when things will start to shake over in that region more near the point where Cyclone Mekunu originally made landfall.

This alert will as a result run until August 3, 2018, but any of these places could get earthquakes at any time before then and I had originally given 7.8 on the Richter Scale, a number I might use today as about the maximum I’d expect and hopefully for more than Chicago could ever get! Some regions are inclined towards smaller earthquakes even though the seismic energy might be the same and so the maximum for Ohio, New York, or Washington DC, might be only a 6, although it should be noted that earthquakes in that region, or all of todays regions for that matter, really have no limit and we are talking about places we may not think of as getting say a 7.3 Richters Earthquake. . . But the reality of it all is that they could!!! And todays alert is the result of what’s been called a “Rare Tropical Cyclone” and this could produce that “Rare Earthquake,” too!!!

So, right now any of these places could get about a 6.5, before August 3, 2018 although remember I’ve gone ahead and selected June 24 only as a guestimate on what the exact date of this upcoming potential Major Earthquake might be.

Thank-You Again!!!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Landfall of Hurricane Maria at Puerto Rico with 175 Mile Per Hour Winds and heading in a North-Northwest direction on September 19, 2017, was quite similar to landfall of Hurricane Hugo at Charleston, South Carolina on September 21, 1989 with 140 Mile Per Hour Winds and Gusts of 160 which came to preceed the Great World Series Loma Prieta Earthquake at the San Francisco Region on October 17, 1989

Quite a similar line from Hurricane Hugo’s landfall at Charleston, then, and Hurricane Marias landfall at Puerto Rico, now. Tons of damage at Charleston, then. . . Tons of damage at Puerto Rico, now! Amounts of damage from big windstorms such as those are one method I use to figure out how big of a potential earthquake we are watching for and in this case damage from Hurricane Hugo at Charleston (Estimated at One Billion Dollars) theoretically led to the big 1989 San Francisco Earthquake and likewise a huge amount of damage at Puerto Rico could lead to the next big San Francisco Earthquake, too. I should report that it appears, although by no means settled science, that other landfalls at Caribbean seem to have preceded earthquakes at Mexico of 8.1 and 7.1 recently, too. Although in those cases a major North Korea Nuke Test with a 6.3 Earthquake there also preceded the Mexico Earthquakes and any siesmologist would agree could have been a factor there. Hopefully similar earthquake energies from that nuke test are NOT still shaking around the Pacific Tectonic Plate and will not be a factor in upcoming Frisco Earthquake or it could do untold damage there.

Number of days was 26 then, and therefore a Key Date in this alert will now be October 15, 2017 or Day 26 after Maria/Puerto Rico, although checking I noticed a “Friday The 13th” in October so that date, along with also October 17, 2017 which will be the anniversary of Loma Prieta, so that will be a Key Date, too. While I decided not to name one specific date since it amounts to wagering, I will set the end date or usual end date that I generally like to put on such alerts such as these at October 31, 2017 and note that I’ve had shaking all the way to Day 60 and Day 76 the latter will come on December 3, 2017 and on that date all the shaking associated with this matter should be completed there.

Gentlemen, much more can be said about what is about to happen in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Region in the coming days but my most important message would probably be some major Earthquake Preperation there!!! The possibility exists here, as always in such shaky places, that the general public will need extra bottled water to go a day or several without, and tools to do some of the immediate work that help might not immediately come along and be able to do as fast as having your own tools nearby. Batteries in flashlights also important and in this case brand-new ones might be in order up there in Northern California and the Boundary Peak, Nevada Region.

Some of my most notable alerts for this region include “Quake Chase 2011” when after landfall of Hurricane Roke at Japan it appeared Northern California could get a Major Earthquake and as a result I was staying out there in Colma, California near Daly City on the night of the 5.8 downgraded to a 5.3 Coos Bay Earthquake of October 12, 2011 the night of a Full Moon there! Another was “Quake Chase 2014” when I was there for another night on the Full Moon prior to the Napa Earthquake which struck a week later the night of the New Moon and after I was home. There was also Typhoon Man-Yi that made landfall on July 13, 2007 wind speeds 155 mph with the potential earthquake energy heading for San Francisco when a 4.2 struck downtown Oakland and did a lot of damage there. Ironically I had already sent one of my old-fashioned paper copy predictions to the CEPEC office then on Clay Street in downtown Oakland a couple days earlier.

THIS is now a very serious alert and I know these do not always strike as stated in my writings, but as I’ve just demonstrated. . . Very often they DO!!! Never sure what I expect CEPEC and NEPEC to do about the big one coming, I mostly like to suggest the full tilt of earthquake preperations including logistics of heavy equipment in those areas, communications, contact lists updated, and whatever else Northern California can do. . . To be prepared!!! Big Earthquake Coming!!! Could be 7.7 on the Richter Scale!!! Thank-You For Reading!!!

Respectfully Submitted this 27th day of September 2017 by The EQ Guy, Les Brown.


Friday, July 21, 2017


I abbreviated the title to shorten the formal name of the Official Prediction I'm discussing in todays paper. That can be viewed at And that bears the entire Official Name there, too.

I must note that I'm entirely leaving out a lot of other good correlations with big windstorms and some other notable California Earthquakes along with just a general discussion of this correlation I've been using around the world for going on 25 years now. Here I am focusing on JUST the correlation with Typhoons that have traveled the East China Sea and made Major Landfalls at the South of Japan Region especially but not limited to striking Nagasaki because they also scrape the Eastern Coastal Regions more towards Tokyo there. It occurred to me in the course of preparing todays submission that THIS CORRELATION alone, especially if this one hits on time, might be of some value in and of itself towards ultimately warning people of California a Major Earthquake or earthquake in general is heading for them and might shake there.

First and possibly foremost of additions I wish to discuss today is the correlation between the Landfall of Typhoon Roke at South of Japan at or about 12:01am Central Time on September 21, 2011, and the "Offshore Oregon" Earthquake of 5.3 although it was originally a 5.8 Downgraded, shook on Oct. 12 at 10:13pm Central Time or 21 Days, 22 Hours, 12 Minutes after that landfall at Japan. Conversely the Landfall of Typhoon Nanmadol was at 23:30pm UTC on July 3, 2017 or 6:30pm Central Time at South of Japan. THEREFORE on this bit of new research I have now added 21 days, 22 hours, and 12 Minutes, and if I did all that math correctly it may equal or at best note the upcoming date of July 25th at 4:42pm Central Time, or 2:42pm Pacific Time would be the date the Offshore Coos Bay Earthquake struck overlaid with this present Official Prediction, and a wait and see if this new research item contributes substantially towards predicting California Earthquakes such as this one in the future.

Landfall of Typhoon Tokage with the highest windspeed reported at Nagasaki of 140 Miles Per Hour at around Noon Central Standard Time USA on October 19, 2004 preceded a 3.2 Mt. Rainier Earthquake of November 7, 2004 by 17 days, and 19 hours and again correlating that with my current prediction with landfall of Typhoon Nanmadol also at South of Japan would theoretically bring you out at 5:30pm Friday Afternoon, July 21, 2017 or later today as I'm writing this!!! Also another potentially useful calculation for California in the future. . . if and when this upcoming one strikes!!!

Finally, I believe I mentioned the 4.2 Oakland Earthquake that shook the USGS offices on Clay Street in Oakland and I located Typhoon Man-Yi landfall around July 13, 2007 and that earthquake on July 20, 2007, therefore this correlation comes in at just around 7 days and said date would have already passed for our present Official Prediction correlation back on July 10, 2017. I assert on this matter that it was however an identical correlation in every way and have been thanked by random people in the San Francisco area for letting them know ahead of time. . . that an earthquake was coming!!! Albeit at Day 7, still well within the words of Seismologist Richard Allen formerly Wisconsin, today UC Berkeley who once told me, "IF this earthquake energy DOES travel along the lines as you explain/say, then there WILL NOT ever be an exact number of days because the earthquake is ultimately due to movement of large masses of rock (Earth) and will not be moving on an exact schedule of days" or something to that effect. Suggesting that I've found a general number of days it takes the vast majority of these to shake. . . but in all likelihood will probably never be able to give an exact date for the resultant earthquake in the manner as I'm currently doing for the purpose of demonstrating how close this correlation has been working for me as I believe these examples show.

This alert in and of itself while covering all the above days and dates I have discussed in this paper, the alert still must be considered to be continuing until August 15, 2017 and the earthquakes which may be considered to be the result of that landfall of Tropical Storm/Typhoon Nanmadol could go on into Early to Mid-September 2017. However in general Japan to California Correlations normally run the number of days discussed herein today. Thank-You Again For Reading!!!

Original "Official Prediction" is at:

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Today I must submit a new “Official Prediction” due to the landfall on July 3, 2017 of Tropical Storm Nanmadol at the South of Japan near Nagasaki. This big windstorm has also been called a Typhoon in at least one writing although not sure which agency might have different numbers for a Tropical Storm or Typhoon. This particular windstorm had wind speeds recorded as high as 95 Miles Per Hour and it’s possible there might have been higher speed gusts since I never figured out if that highest speed was a gust or a basic recorded wind speed. In all events the biggest possible gust even with a 95 mph wind speed would be just over a hundred and we would still be looking at about the same effect on the Pacific Tectonic Plate such as we are now watching for as a result of this landfall.

Nominally I generally prefer to give a window of dates when it is the most likely an earthquake will follow such a big landfall and in that case this window would run fully out more towards the end of August and for example a popular day for such resultants to strike or Day 43 will not come until August 15, 2017. I’m saying July 23, 2017 due to the fact that I had what could be my most recent other similar event back in 2014 when I did an actual “Quake Chase” to Oakland/Frisco on Amtrak knowing there was a Major Earthquake heading for that city and possibly coinciding with a Supermoon of August 10, 2014 and this earthquake then struck instead at Napa, California after I had caught my train home it struck during the following NEW MOON on August 24, 2014. Therefore I’ll make use of that experience here and now by putting this newest prognostication down for July 23, 2017 knowing the July New Moon Exact Moment will be on July 23, 2017 at exactly 4:47am Central Time or 2:47am Pacific Time. Conversely I also have what I believe to be best times of day for shakers and might put exact time for this prediction at the usual early morning hours which I assert to be common for earthquakes or coldest time of day when the sun begins to affect the temperature or around 4:55am Pacific Time.

I’m well aware the Councils will also like some explanation for how I track such energy across the Pacific Tectonic Plate and today I might like to simply say that it is a theory today based on several of my very own experiences tracking identical paths all from the South of Japan to our West Coast. Probably the most notable “Quake Chase 2011” when another Supermoon occurred in the wake of another such landfall at South of Japan of Typhoon Roke on or about September 21, 2011. There was actually an Official Prediction on this event I just found at my EQ Blog and you may view it @ The result of this landfall and my Quake Chase 2011 for the Supermoon was a 5.8 Richters Earthquake that struck just Offshore from Coos Bay, Oregon the very night I was there and was then downgraded, but stands today at a 5.3 there!!! And I just so happened to locate a news story on the subject that followed that very successful Quake Chase@ Note that the original magnitude was either a 5.8 or 5.9 if it really matters due to a discrepancy I just noticed between this story and the published one I just now posted there. Above Quake Chase story also states a copy of that above prediction was hand delivered to person at USGS Menlo Park Office where I Rollerbladed to from the nearby Cal-Train Station. Name edited but I can provide that, of course.

There have also been one or two additional Great Predictions, here’s one story from L.A. Times with a big 4.2 Oakland Earthquake the result@ And a story relating the thousands of P.G. & E. customers out of power there when that 4.2 struck@
Two other great ones that traveled this theoretical route shook Goose Lake in Northern California and Mr. Rainier.

As I usually do, I want to submit this paper to the California and National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils mostly for the purpose of letting the Councils know that there probably IS a small to medium sized earthquake heading DIRECTLY for the San Francisco Bay Area and I suppose just a little to the north around Napa, again, and thus to have this writing there on file for when this earthquake ultimately does happen like that above prediction which I seem to recall was sent by USPS Next Day Air to an office of Richard Eisner on Clay Street there. According to my calculations that office must have been right there in the middle of that town and probably not too far from that guys donut shop where his windows were broken there and mentioned in the L.A. Times story above. Similarly this earthquake probably WILL HAPPEN!!! Thank-You Again for Reading and accepting this Official Prediction.

Submitted this day July 12, 2017 by Les Brown, The EQ Guy

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


~~~~~~~Landfall of Severe Tropical Cyclone Mora at Bangladesh on May 30, 2017 will soon become responsible for some Plate Tectonic Action which I expect could possibly come to affect folks around the North American Tectonic Plate. It was noted that Mora was a CAT-1 with 74 mph winds and I have one report of winds at 93 mph, therefore making this NOT one of the biggest windstorms, nor largest potential earthquakes, but at CAT-1. . .I still wish to submit this to the Councils.
~~~~~~~I’m looking at 5.0 Richters (On The Richter Scale) for Illinois, Eastern Missouri, and possibly around the Southern-Half of Indiana and the New Madrid Region in general, by about Mid-July. This movement will probably also shake Santa Barbara at 5 and not be notable, Cuba-Haiti at around 5 and not be notable, and along Mexico at around 5 and neither be notable. Oklahoma at a 5 also, but might be just a little newsworthy there if they shake with this alert. Also note Mexico just had a 6.9 earlier today although from a different much earlier alert.
~~~~~~~So, today I am filing this Official Predication for a 5.0 Richters Earthquake to become the next big Illinois/Missouri/Indiana or New Madrid Region Earthquake before Day 43 or July 12, 2017. The entire actual window will then run until August 15, 2017. . .but this somewhat Major Earthquake is more probable to strike before that July 12, 2017 date and for purposes of the Prediction Councils this alert can end on July 12, 2017 I suppose.
~~~~~~~Herein Submitted to both California and National Earthquake Prediction Councils on this date of June 14, 2017, Thank-You!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Letter To: "California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council" And "National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council" Regarding Upcoming "Grand Finale" Sized Major Earthquake!!!

April 26, 2017

Fm: Les Brown, The EQ Guy

~~~~~~~My most serious concern today, and why I’m writing, is my correlation between the landfall of Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie at Queensland, Australia on March 25, 2017, and the potential for a HUGE Earthquake and possible Tsunami Event to follow. As I’m writing this it is Day 32 after that landfall and I routinely consider around Day 39, and 43 after such a landfall to be most critical dates to expect a Major Earthquake to follow.
~~~~~~~As I often state in such writings, I believe my correlation alone is sufficient science to warrant these statements here in and surely measurements of pressure on, and movement of, tectonic plates with precision instruments in the future, will someday follow and help to substantiate my correlations.
~~~~~~~There have been now several event series’ that point to day numbers in the 39-43 range, including Katrina-Islamabad, and most recently Pam-Kathmandu. Landfall of Katrina August 29, 2005, Islamabad Earthquake October 7, 2005 or on Day 39, and landfall of Cyclone Pam at Vanuatu on March 13, 2015 and the Kathmandu, Nepal Earthquake was on April 25, 2015 or Day 43. Day 39 after the landfall of CAT-5 Cyclone Debbie at Queensland, Australia will be May 3, and Day 43 will be May 7, 2017.
~~~~~~~Occasionally the earthquake resultant strikes sooner and so today I’m dropping a line to the Councils to say a Major Earthquake WILL BE striking like this week or next.
~~~~~~~I’m putting the exact magnitude at 7.9 in my other writings, but here I will tell you the highest possible magnitude that could possibly correlate with Debbies winds might easily go into the 8 magnitude range, or say about an 8.3 on the Richter Scale.
~~~~~~~I’m expecting this epicenter at the usual locations around the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate, but I’m especially watching Japan, China, and Taiwan, along with New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. If a straight-line from that landfall were an effective tool, Ensenada, and Tijuana, Mexico could get this affecting Southern California, but the line would also intersect just north of Charleston, South Carolina and a long-shot would or could also affect our entire East Coast.
~~~~~~~It’s ironic that this letter could arrive just moments before the next big Southern California Earthquake or that a Tsunami could strike the Ensenada, Tijuana Region this week or next. Further, that the next big what I call Earthquake “Grand Finale” could even happen at all in late April or Early May 2017.
~~~~~~~When this one does strike I only ask folks to continue to read my EQ Blog at and I will then continue to track this, what I call “Earthquake Energy” all around the world into the future as well.
~~~~~~~Thank-You Again!!!

Les Brown,
The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, January 29, 2017

New "Official Prediction" EQ Alert For California, Seattle Up To 9.1 Richters Filed With California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, and National Earthquake Prediction Evlauation Council

January 29, 2017

Fm: Les Brown

~~~~~~~Very Sorry I haven't kept you all up-to-date on everything I'm currently doing with regards to Earthquakes. Although the vast majority has been concerning other parts of the world and probably outside the jurisdiction of the California or National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils. But sorry if I didn't notify you on some of them just the same. My best would have been, "5 Prediction Friday" where today two of those now Great Predictions were for New Zealand 7.8 and Italy 7.6 and New Zealand was EXACT with Italy close to the original magnitude of 6.6 there. Albeit over my local "Community Radio" Station at 89.9 in Madison, Wisconsin and that "5 Prediction Friday" was a feature on my regular show there, "Earthquake Minute."
~~~~~~~Today you should probably be brought up to date on my latest one from Fridays show, this one notes that when reservoirs have been filled up in the past they have came to precede Major Earthquakes in the general vacinity. I've recently heard following the recent Great California Drought and recent rains that reservoirs in California are now filling up again, probably aquifers, too. I'm writing to the councils today because in addition to reservoirs and aquifers filling up, there is probably also currently a lot of water in a lot of Californias many fault lines and this has also been connected to earthquakes especially with regards to Hydralic Fracturing in some areas, too, although I have read one book on that subject as well. Finally the latest on the snow fall in that same region just this morning has 29 feet of snow at Mammoth Lakes, California.
~~~~~~~Notably Lake Mead had experienced earthquakes upon its being filled and one earthquake in China had 70,000 people killed in a Major Earthquake that was related to the filling of a big reservoir there and I beleive that was the Sichuan Earthquake and the reservoir that was blamed for all that was the Zipingpu Dam@ I can't be certain that California's current reservoir situation is the same as that which preceded either of those in that in California the ground under those reservoirs MIGHT have already settled long ago and now "Refilling" may not pose the same hazard. . . . . but I've also heard that emptying was a hazard which could make filling a hazard, too. A similar story was found at Mother Jones@
~~~~~~~So, filling reservoirs, water in fault lines, and now 29 feet of snow at Mammoth Lakes, when all combined could equal a potentially Major Earthquake and I have been known to state that maximum at 9.1 Richters for California, the California and Nevada Region, and up to Seattle including the areas in between. Most notably, though, I said on the air Friday that it's more likely to be around a 7, there. I'm not so much writing today for the purpose of making this my latest "Official Prediction" as my purpose instead might be to alert CEPEC + NEPEC of at least some potential danger of a significant earthquake, there.
~~~~~~~May I take a moment to thank the California Council for their recent action in noting that a Major Swarm in Southern California might lead to Major Shaking around Los Angeles and their resultant subsequent actions, there! BRAVO!!!
~~~~~~~And Thank-You All Again for accepting my earthquake writing and here's hoping we might again alert the people potentially involved in this possible earthquake activity that some "Earthquake Preperation" might be in order there!!!

Respectfully Submitted, Les Brown

EXHIBIT A--My Updated 2017 Curriculum Vitae/Bio:

I attended school in my hometown in Wisconsin, and went on to receive my General Education Diploma from Blackhawk Tech in October 1981, later attending TV Actors Studio in Chicago where I received a diploma from their Commercials One and Two course in early 1989.

Throughout the 1990’s I worked as a Background Actor in Chicago Film Production working my way up to Feature Roles and Bit Parts and joining the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists or AFTRA, as well as going on to begin an Apprenticeship with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in 1996 and heading to Los Angeles in 1999 when work ran out in Wisconsin. There I moved my AFTRA card and worked for Central Casting at the studios out there as well as moved my apprenticeship to work with the Southern California Millwrights local #1607 on a number of jobs out there having also worked on a lot of movies and television productions during this time as well. My California Apprenticeship was actually an Indenturement approved through Sacramento and affiliated with Santa Ana College in Santa Ana, California where I still have transcripts on file, there.
In January of 2003 I moved my carpenters union card back to Milwaukee by taking and passing their Journeymans Test and thereby completing my apprenticeship, albeit without going the graduation route. Never married I currently reside at Moms house on Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin where I watch Hurricanes, Typhoons, windstorms in general and earthquakes very closely on a daily basis and I write my EQ Blog, EQ Twitter, and EQ Guy Facebook among other earthquake writings and some Hollywood stuff, too!

There has also been a streak of Film Production in Chicago and so I have been doing a lot of acting in movies and TV Shows shooting in Chicago in recent years. “Chicago Fire” is one of my favorites where I worked right at the actual Chicago Fire Department station that is seen on TV and was also seen in a Close-Up with the 2 Paramedics at the Nursing Station at the end of Season One. Most recently “Chicago Med” where I was recently SEEN as a “Registered Nurse” in scenes totaling over a MINUTE in cafeteria elbow to elbow with Oliver Platt at next table and hoping for more Great Parts!!!

We are also presently shooting many other projects in Chicago and I recently received my Screen Actors Guild Card in the mail and now hope that will lead to me getting to do some real acting and parts that will lead to lots more work in TV and Motion Pictures! Then possibly out to Hollywood again in the future to do some more work in the Movie Business and more work with Earthquakes!!!

Currently working at WORT-FM, Madison, where I write and record “Promos” for different things happening around the area including researching future shows and bands, and writing such promotions on a weekly basis for two years, now. Additionally as of October 31, 2014, I have gotten my very own what they call an Engineering Shift, where I work in the Studio/Control Room at the station covering a one-hour shift where I run all the controls there for the pre-recorded Democracy Now Show and also give the time and station identification throughout my one-hour shift every Friday from 4:30 to 5:30pm. I have also now done 2 "EQ Radio Shows" and as of January 2017 have been getting a more regular than just an occasional Edition of my now famous “Earthquake Minute” on Fridays for close to two years now and at least one or two, maybe more of them have aired on various stations of the Pacifica Radio Network in California, too!!!

My current plans are to simply continue on with Community Radio and The Pacifica Radio Network along with writing my “EQ Blog” regularly, and with the hope of maybe publishing my most recent book “Bringing Earthquakes To Life” someday, too!!!

Thank-You!!! LES

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