Friday, May 27, 2016

9 For 9 On "Earthquake Minute" Now Includes Ecuador Earthquake!!!

~~~~~He goes by the name EQ Guy, but it was March 13, 2015, the date Cyclone Pam made landfall at Vanuatu, when he made his debut with "Earthquake Minute" on his local Community Radio station in Madison, Wisconsin.
~~~~~The landfall of Cyclone Pam helped turn the show into sort of a regular feature and the mention of places where The EQ Guy expected major earthquakes quickly became the reality of some fairly accurate predictions!
~~~~~As he'd been saying after that landfall there were indeed earthquakes at New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea, and when Kathmandu, Nepal got the 7.8 the momentum of his new show kept on moving right along with the tectonic plates The EQ Guy is always talking about.
~~~~~Then one day yet another Major Windstorm, Typhoon Soudelor made landfall at Taiwan with 225 mph winds and since this is one of the possible precursors to earthquakes that EQ Guy likes to employ, he decided it was time to go the distance on his "Earthquake Minute" show and go ahead and make an Earthquake Prediction. Having already previously named Santiago, Chile at 8 Richters, EQ Guy knew that according to his "Go Straight Theory" he could do even better there. So he took an extra close look at all the information available over a 2-week period while his normal show producer "DJ The Real Jaguar" was on vacation and upon Jaguars return went public with a now Great Prediction!
~~~~~He'd determined the Major Earthquake was more likely to strike further north of Santiago and chose San Felipe, Chile giving the date as September 12, 2015 and when the now famous 8.3 Magnitude Earthquake struck there a few days later on September 16, he was just 75 miles off! While that counted as one and was his first, that streak would keep continuing on!
~~~~~His streak kept on like that with earthquakes at Burma, Turkey, Antofagasta, near Lima, Peru, and Venezuela until the landfall of Cyclone Winston at Fiji came along and his latest big prediction happened.
~~~~~At first EQ Guy predicted Riobamba, Ecuador for 7.8 Richters, but as the days went by some re-calibration showed it to be more like the actual area we today know as the epicenter of the recent Great Ecuador Earthquake! With the magnitude actually being at 7.8 exactly as he'd said, too! As of this writing his record for predictions is now at 9 for 9!!! Some comments and a lot of new followers on his EQ Guy Twitter page at and he is very sorry for the loss of life there while still hoping someday all his work might be able to be used to alert people BEFORE an earthquake strikes.
~~~~~EQ Guy was working as an actor the day of the Northridge Earthquake when he decided to do some research and writes a regular EQ Blog at and you can hear his "Earthquake Minute" on Fridays when time permits between 4:15 and 4:30pm Central Time at CLICK Listen Live, and he is starting to enjoy the way he ends the shows these days when he throws it back to his favorite Disc Jockey and brand new friend, The Real Jaguar with his now famous closing line, "I'm the EQ Guy. . . and THAT'S Earthquake Minute"!

Monday, February 15, 2016

UPDATE Of "Official Prediction" For California Filed on December 24, 2015:

THE FOLLOWING is an Update to an already filed "Official Prediction" dated December 24, 2015 and that can be viewed @ Although some references in the following E-Mail might direct to "Below" it is actually "Above" here! Thank-You!!! EQ Guy'

February 15, 2016

Fm: EQ Guy, Name Edited

~~~~~~~Today I'm sending an update to the attached letter regarding my correlation with Major Earthquakes and Severe Winter Conditions due especially to a lot more additional Severe Winter stuff currently happening all across the country. Updating my previous snowfall amounts that were the basis for the original writing, Mt. Baker, California is now saying 149 Inch Base!!! As of the date January 23, 2016, now upwards of FOUR (4) Feet of snow has struck our East Coast and at best this will extend this alert to about March 5, 2016 or Day 43 after all of that brand-new Major Snowfall there.
~~~~~~~A report just came in on Sunday Night of records being broken for COLD on the East Coast including one extreme temperature of MINUS 37 degrees, one report of wind chill being MINUS 114 Degrees, and Boston getting a record MINUS 19 Degrees albeit far below the normal record for that region, too! I've surely already gone into the effects such heavy amounts of snowfall have on tectonic plates and need only add Extreme Cold will also shrink much of the ground it comes in contact with in the same manner as we have used "Dry Ice" to shrink a big stuck valve in a Power Plant one day and in under an hour it was loosened. . . and removed effectively! As I like to say that proves to me that such cold conditions can also affect tectonic plates in the same exact manner!!!
~~~~~~~There was a large number of small earthquakes at around the State of Maine along the border there with Canada or around 19 total as of my last observation there. On Saturday a 5.1 Oklahoma Earthquake struck on the numerical anniversary of the Eureka 2010 Earthquake that also struck a similar number of days after a big East Coast Blizzard of December 18-19, 2009. You may still view THAT "Official Prediction" that came to precede both Eureka 2010 and Haiti @ I submit to you all today that the CURRENT Conditions will in all probability also come to precede a Major California Earthquake, now!
~~~~~~~Finally, while I had and continue to say for California, even saying on my "Earthquake Minute" Simi Valley, 6.4 February 11, 2016, at this time I should add that such movement as one of my Seismology Collegues pointed out will not have a given time frame and will consist mainly of a general basic movement of large tectonic regions and therefore I'm now saying to watch all along the San Andreas Fault and perhaps Mexico for a Major Earthquake!! I suppose it is due to the fact that the jurisdiction of the California and National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils (CEPEC, and NEPEC) ends at Tijuana, Mexico. . . that I heavily emphasize California. Seattle, Cascadia, Idaho, Alaska, and Oklahoma could also get more shaking and the original New Madrid Earthquakes appear to have also been preceded by Severe Winter Conditions!!!
~~~~~~~Thank-You for accepting this update.

EQ Guy, Name Edited