Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Official Prediction For California At 7 Richters Before February 11, 2016, NOW Updated!!!

THIS "Official Prediction" has had an Update filed on February 15, 2016 you can see@ Thank-You!!! EQ Guy

~~~~~With those enormous snowfall amounts now racking up in the Sierras and Lake Tahoe Region I am now forced to write you with a very serious new Earthquake Prediction sort of write-up!
~~~~~The snowfall amounts I'm going to give you might look more like a "Ski Report" due to many of these locations also being ski resorts and also because some of the snowfall amounts might actually BE ski reports. Mt. Baker 80", Sugar Bowl 59", Heavenly 38", and I believe I checked to find 80 inches equals just over 6 feet of snow!
~~~~~In the past I have first discovered Severe Winter Conditions preceded the Northridge Earthquake, then used that to put out an "EQ Alert" prior to Paso Robles Earthquake, as well as an Official Prediction based on Severe Winter Conditions dated December 22, 2009 for a Major California Earthquake before January 12, 2010. That O.P. then came to precede the Eureka 2010 7.5 Richters Earthquake of January 9, 2010, and the Haiti Earthquake struck on the final day of that prediction, January 12, 2010 and therefore may also be affected by this new alert here.
~~~~~As with those other Major California Earthquakes I mentioned above, as soon as I became aware of the growing seriousness of California's Snowfall conditions recently, I began to discuss the fact that we could be looking at a Major Earthquake and that I may very soon go into alert mode and the possibility of filing these facts with the councils. That was when all the shaking began there!!! First at Reno, Nevada at 4.2 Richters both preceded and followed by many, many smaller earthquakes and accompanied by one enormous felt report, too! I don't have the geographic description of all the snowfall areas nearby that Reno Epicenter, but considered that the gound settling as the result of tons of snow, and had already started my alert the day before. My mention of a possible earthquake was December 21, and the Reno Earthquake was December 22, 2015 and there had also been a 3.1 San Ramon/Frisco, and 3.4 Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Earthquake, too helping signal the need for this new Official Prediction.
~~~~~Today, December 24, 2015 my phone rang with a 3.7 Richters Earthquake at Bishop, California and I knew then and there I needed to write to at least the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council with this now very important new EQ Alert and thereby make this a Prediction that California could now be looking at a 6 to 7 Richters Major Earthquake at any moment now, and into January 2016. Upon further research I notice the Lakeview, Oregon Epicenter also received an earthquake today at 4.4 Richters and this one was reportedly felt in San Francisco, noting the Bishop Earthquake was reported felt in Anaheim, California who was also the epicenter of a 2.6 Richters Earthquake on Wednesday, December 23, 2015.
~~~~~Lots of potential "Foreshocks" that all combined can attest to the fact that California is in all probability now looking at a 7 Richters Earthquake. While I may later craft this information into a "Prediction" to entertain my radio show audience where I've amazingly even been right on 6 out of 6 occasions, for now let's guess Bakersfield, Oakland, or The Santa Barbara Channel where tsunami's may also be in order! Until a formal prediction with an exact epicenter, date, and magnitude is written up, let's just acknowledge the fact that this alert will run until February 11, 2016 although most recently I've been extending alerts to Day 60 in this case that would be February 19, and putting the "End Date" at Day 76 or in this case that would be March 6, 2016. This earthquakes connected directly with this alert will be concluded before those dates.
~~~~~One more 3.9 just struck the Lakeview, Oregon Epicenter as I was writing this paper, so I must now sign-off in order to get back to following those earthquakes and watching for 6 to 7 Richters to strike California very soon! Thank-You Again for accepting my Official Prediction for California!!!

Les Brown, EQ Guy

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