Monday, November 30, 2015

To: National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council: Prediction For Illinois/Indiana, From EQ Guy

November 30, 2015, 10:33pm

To: Michael Blanpied, NEPEC
Fm: Les Brown, EQ Guy

Hello Mr. Blanpied,
-------Writing today to bring you up to date on the fact that I have been watching the Illinois and Indiana Region for exactly 5.2 Richters and especially want you to know this today because I've mentioned it on my Radio Show "Earthquake Minute" now several times and see the date coming up here so I thought it time to write you. The actual date I gave originally was November 31, 2015 although I recently discovered there only to be 30 days in November and therefore in this weeks "Earthquake Minute," last Friday, I made that correction.
-------Further, there are one or two notable dates also coming up that could also affect this potential earthquake and those dates are December 4 or Day 42 after the landfall of Hurricane Patricia at Mexico and December 5, or Day 43 after that landfall. Over time I've quite commonly tracked such what I call "Earthquake Energy" across different places and will not go into all that here, beyond saying the line from that landfall crosses Oklahoma where they've got two at 4.7 in the last ten days as well as a number of earthquakes at New Madrid, including a small swarm of 23 earthquakes on November 25 and 26, where the line also crosses directly through. You should note it also crosses far up into Quebec and reaches Iceland where this earthquake could go as high as 7 Richters.
-------I've now tracked this possible earthquake right up to about the limit in number of days where I might expect it to shake in this Illinois-Indiana Region. At one point I mentioned a line from "Moonshine, Illinois, to Kokomo, Indiana" and another time gave it as "Kokomo, Indiana where they do get earthquakes," although noting this not to be a "Prediction" due to having a lot of friends in that region you understand. Therefore I really only wanted to be saying there could be an earthquake for just about anyone, anywhere in this region. Note the region also includes parts of Texas and Arkansas for the record.
-------Wouldn't be a "Prediction" if I did not send this letter today to the National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council and am as usual including CEPEC although California will not be affected by this alert
-------Thank-You Again for accepting this writing.

Les Brown,
EQ Guy


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