Thursday, July 30, 2015

Extension of Official Prediction For California:


To: Michael Blanpied, John Parrish, les brown
July 30, 2015, 1:37 PM

Fm: Les Brown, EQ Guy

-------I want to take a moment to discuss the fact that there now appears to be enough earthquake energy happening between Oklahoma and Nevada/California that I consider it worth while to extend my already existing Official Prediction of June 12, 2015 to run through August 22, 2015. You can view the original here:
-------In August of 2014 you might recall there were lots of swarms going on in many areas around the West Coast including Northwest Nevada, Geysers, Kettlemen City, Mammoth Lakes, Incline Village, Redlands, Lone Pine, as well as Haines Junction Alaska. All of this during the window of an Official Prediction that I submitted to the Councils on June 24, 2014 and extended a time or two due to a lot of big windstorms also making landfall during this period. I also traveled out to Oakland to personally check out the earthquake that I was expecting might strike under the August 2014 Full Moon-Super Moon on one of my “Quake Chases.”
-------A big part of my determination that such an earthquake was imminent was all of the fracking earthquakes they had been getting in Oklahoma including a 4.5 Richters Crescent, Oklahoma Earthquake on March 30, 2014. I began to notice a correlation with the occasional rise in shaking at Oklahoma because it appeared to be bringing about a rise in shaking at places such as Virginia City, Nevada that looked to me like Virginia City would shake. . . every time Oklahoma had notable shakers.
-------All of this was escalating at a fast enough pace that it was inevitable a Major Earthquake could happen when all of the added pull from that August 2014 Full Moon-Super Moon arrived there. Well, the actual earthquake came to coincide 10 days later with the August New Moon and I should mention for scientific purposes that I took into consideration a 3.7 Richters foreshock that struck Napa, California on April 3, 2014 in all this. I also want to add that I’ve been told full and new moons have equal amounts of pull on the earth, however I do not have calculations to demonstrate that nor any knowledge on that beyond a man on a train one day relating the story to me.
-------Part of the reason I want to extend this O.P. right now is due to the fact that California appears to currently be doing a lot of shaking from all of the fracking in Oklahoma where earthquakes there are actually not earthquakes per se, rather man-made earthquakes the product of underground explosions caused by extremely high pressure water being pumped into the ground. This action causes breaks in archaic ancient fault lines and the resultant seismic energy appears to be passing along to the far western edge of the North American Tectonic Plate where it meets the Pacific Tectonic Plate or San Francisco! It is now looking like a basic fact we are going to have to live with that fracking in Oklahoma while causing a lot of earthquakes there, is now liable to be causing regular Major Earthquakes in San Francisco. Time will tell if Frisco will end up hosting all of them or if they may come to share the hosting duties with Los Angeles or other points on the West Coast.
-------So, let us watch now and see if this latest Lakeview, Oregon swarm comes to proceed the next Major California Earthquake of probably similar magnitude to Napa 2014 or perhaps even larger than that 6.0. If that happens at some point during this current onslaught of Oklahoma and Lakeview, Oregon Earthquakes and by the end of this extension on August 22, 2015, then we may well be closer to knowing for sure that San Francisco is now getting one Major Earthquake a year as the result of fracking in Oklahoma.
-------Thank-You Again for taking the time to review this writing project!

Les Brown


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