Wednesday, July 22, 2015

EQ Alert: East Coast Earthquake/Tsunami at 7 Richters Before September 1, 2015

July 22, 2015
Fm: Name Edited, EQ Guy
Subject: Earthquake/Tsunami East Coast
-----Recent landfall of Typhoon Nangka at Japan will mean a serious earthquake striking somewhere very soon. That landfall consisted of 100 mph winds that were totally disapated by Typhoon Nangka's contact with that island, thereby transmitting and generating an enormous amount of brand new Major Earthquake Energy.
-----When I check the direction all of this new Earthquake Energy with my Globe/Straight Line Tool it intersects New Foundland, and Caribbean with our East Coast only a few miles to the west of where the line crosses from North to South there. Does also intersect that region responsible for the most recent East Coast Tsunami and although it seems sort of a long-shot, such an alert should be at least mentioned herein. This alert is for about 7 Richters and I notice Providence already shook early today, so the possibility is out there for 7 Richters East Coast, New Foundland, or Caribbean before September 1, 2015.
-----As usual there are a few areas outside of CEPEC/NEPEC jurisdiction that might be affected too, such as Japan, Far East China/Russia, Philippines, and PNG, and there exist one or two other alerts currently circling the same globe that could affect areas such as California, Seattle, Provo, Panama, and Kathmandu Aftershock. COPY of that other EQ Alert still in effect to August 22, 2015 @
-----So, East Coast is now under alert that a line of Major Earthquake/Tsunami Energy, running 7 Richters, will be tracking along the offshore regions there through September 1, 2015 and Thank-You Again for accepting my Earthquake Writing!

Name Edited,
EQ Guy


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