Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Friends in Nuke Plants, and Those Who are EQ Prediction NAY SAYERS!!!!!

They are currently getting a swarm of medium sized earthquakes at The Gulf of California. These are in the 4 and 5 Richters range but more importantly there have as of Sunday morning been so many of them that I expect major movement along the plate margin between the Pacific and North American Tectonic Plates at practically any second!!! That includes the San Andreas Fault. This seems to be a major movement, it is not everyday that there are 4 and 5 Richter earthquakes out there in the middle of that Gulf!!!!! Be Prepared and know that something is probably going to be shaking soon, maybe Central America? Next thing is that I have a lot of friends who work at those Nuclear Plants and many of them will be the guys who are now forced to work on those Nukies in Japan where everything is catawampus right now. There are not enough guys who do that type of work in the world to crew up all the jobs going over there and I doubt if they have the Japanese Maintenance Electricians to fix the now up to 8 Nuke Plants about to melt down either. My phone actually rang one day to go to one, and for whatever reason I just so happened to pass on it, while at the same time knowing it didn’t quite pay enough to make up for the risks involved and there is always enough other work. We put on these suits and each guy goes into a room and turns a wrench like one or two times and then leaves to change and shower and the next guy goes in and turns it one or two more times, etc. When the job is all through they bury all those suits and all the tools that were used!!! Don’t even ask me why I have talked about wanting to be a Secuitry Guy at a Nuclear Plant??? Used to think it would be a cool job, I suppose. Next, most of you reading this right now knew there was a huge amount of earthquake energy heading for Japan and today I want to point out to all of you who don’t like some of the stuff I say about earthquakes that you are now to blame for the problems Japan and the People of Japan are going through. Those people get my blog and they needed a lot of you not to be nay saying earthquake prediction like all of you have heard people do. Japan was in trouble and you read it here in my earthquake blog over the past several days prior to the Honshu Earthquake Friday! In the future it is my hope that my earthquake alerts will not be ignored and that people will take adequate precautions and next time Japan will Be Prepared!!! But it takes not just a few of you who are my friends and read/believe my writings. . . . . it will take all of you!!!!! Finally keep in mind that there is STILL a continued Major Alert for a Great Earthquake, possibly at our West Coast, and this could be any moment or any day now. EQ Alert Guy

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  1. I heard somewhere that they may wear a thing around their neck with a pendant that turns red and beeps when the level of radiation gets too high where you are at OR you have been in a radioactive area for more than the total amount of exposure allowed.


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