Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full Moon/Super Moon Alert!!!!!

Just heard at the last minute yesterday that last nights full moon was actually a Super Moon!!! Now I have to add today that the alert for earthquake energy from the full moon continues for a few days yet, and I notice Christchurch, New Zealand had a sizable aftershock within hours of the exact time of the full moon, and Japan seems to have had significant activity as well. Everybody should be alert and well aware that the additional potential earthquake energy from a full moon and especialy a Super Moon the added energy goes on for about three days and I prefer to watch closely at least the following two nights which include tonight and tomorrow night! Expect a major earthquake and possibly something in Japan, but really watch San Andreas/Los Angeles/San Francisco a couple days yet! And Be Prepared!!!!! And Thank-You everybody who has been reading my earthquake writing lately since it's now up to about a thousand views more than usual!!! Thank-You for reading!!!!! EQ Guy

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