Wednesday, June 23, 2010

KEEP WATCHING=SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, PLUS: Conclusion of Outline: My Earthquake Memoirs!!!

We should continue watching around San Francisco!!! This energy could possibly also pass Frisco towards Santiago Chile. Might be a major shaker!!! Now here is the conclusion of the outline for my new book "My Earthquake Memoirs"!!! Welcome to my new EQ Blog-2 where i might run more of my book, and those Official Predictions in the near future, too!!! Thank-You for reading!!! Here is that conclusion:

CHAPTER 9--From EQ Alerts To Official Predictions--This chapter now begins to get involved in alerts and predictions starting to be a lot more accurate more often and goes on into several such stories. One big one was actually for the San Francisco/Oakland area and my Official Prediction would have actually arrived at that office just a mile or so from the epicenter a couple days before a 4.2 Richters earthquake struck there.
This chapter concludes by mentioning that I received my very first Thank-You from a person who was actually in that earthquake in Oakland that day.

CHAPTER 10--Tropical Cyclone Myanmar/Great China Earthquake--There was a huge Tropical Cyclone spinning in the Bay of Bengals in the year 2008 and it made landfall at Myanmar on May 2 with wind speeds of 135 mph. This chapter explains how this new earthquake would normally head across the Pacific until one day it occurred to me that Myanmar was still the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate and that meant the plate boundary up in China.
Further thought on the subject turned up the Three Gorges Dam being filled and I explain why I didn’t mention that in an alert. The great Sichuan China Earthquake struck a few days later on May 12 at 7.9 Richters killing 20,000 people.

CHAPTER 11--Tropical Cyclone Hamish/A‘Vila Italy Earthquake--This is a short chapter touching on an earthquake in Italy in 2009 in which earthquake prediction became the center of attention for a brief moment.
I talk about the guy who went around the town with a loud speaker announcing to everybody that there was going to be an earthquake, and how the mayor of the town didn’t like the guy who happened to be a renowned science person.
They stopped him from alerting the people, but he was allowed to get his own family out of their building and then a 5.8 Richters earthquake destroyed his building along with a lot of others in A’Vila Italy on April 6, 2009.

CHAPTER 12--2009 Official Prediction Strikes It--It was December 2009 when very bad winter conditions set in and caused me to send out my first Official Prediction for California in over a year. This one stated that a major earthquake would strike California before January 12, 2010 and on January 9, 2010 there was a big earthquake at Eureka, California. A few days later on the final day of this Official Prediction at 4 in the afternoon, the Haiti earthquake struck there killing around 200,000.
This chapter concludes by mentioning that Haiti is at the South East corner of the North American Tectonic Plate and this movement was fairly predictable.

EPILOGUE--This section is an update on all that has happened in the days since the Haiti and Eureka earthquakes including mention of the Chile earthquake of early 2010 and how that one actually was lost in all the major alerts and predictions that I had going for California even though it was still there several days back in my EQ blog on blogspot at
This Epilogue ends with some talk about the recent Iceland Volcano and very much leaves off chronologically in such a way that it could be added to at this point if needed. (Of Course there is already much more since this writing even!!!)


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