Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latest Official Prediction filed today!!!!!

July 19, 2010

From: Les Brown

Dear Sirs,
The final date as stated in the body of my recent Official Prediction for the San Francisco Bay area has more or less passed. July 15 was the date used as the end date in the banner for that Official Prediction or “To Strike The Bay Area Before July 15, 2010.” I rely heavily on the actual exact date that I post on the headlines of my O.P.’s in order to accurately account for the times when I may be extremely close to the minute on the exact time and date of a major earthquake.

I have also just reviewed a recent letter that I had submitted as an update to one or two other letters and noticed that while the letter of July 8, 2010 does explain that there will be a lot of earthquake energy following Hurricane Alex, it does not give a valid window or end date to make it officially in and of itself a prediction per se.

Yesterday I was informed by my casting people in Chicago that I have been selected to work on a big scene in a new Ron Howard Movie shooting in Chicago, and as a result I will be out of town for the rest of the week and want to make the above mentioned earthquake energy into an Official Prediction somehow quickly here so that I will be free to do my acting the rest of the week in Chicago.

Finally, in the second paragraph of that letter dated July 8, 2010 it mentioned Maryland as one of the places where an earthquake might strike, but it would mostly just shake there or somewhere anyways due to the same basic principle that allowed them guys to track Hurricanes with seismographs in the early 1900’s. Maryland might have followed a storm similar to Hurricane Alex which is what that research was about, and so also now followed Alex. I was kind of right.


Hurricane Alex made landfall at Los Americanos, Mexico on June 30, 2010 with a wind speed of 110 miles per hour. The energy from Alex tracked across The Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, and the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate in early July with major earthquakes striking at all of them places delineating this plate movement. As of this writing, or the night of July 19, 2010 there have been many, many foreshocks at the Alaska Islands region in the last 48 hours with a 5.1 Richters Magnitude earthquake striking off shore of Vancouver Island earlier today. There has been a unrelated series of continuing aftershocks from the Baja California 7.2 Richters earthquake of April 4, 2010 continuing to shake Northern Mexico and Southern California with the Los Angeles times last Friday actually running a story, at least online, announcing that these aftershocks that do not stop are indicating that there is yet another major earthquake going to strike!!! This article quotes John Rundle, a physics and geology professor from UC Davis and this might be a link to it if you are reading this in 2010: http://lat.ms/a14AEF and it is my opinion that that matter alone is serious enough to warrant action on the part of the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council and possibly National. Although this type of “Prediction” is not the kind of earthquake predicting that I do and therefore I would not be qualified to submit an actual prediction discussing those parameters. I can however say that just from reading that article it does look like a heavily populated area East of Los Angeles will almost for sure get a major earthquake, the same magnitude as April 4, 2010 or 7.2, before October 21, 2010 and that should probably be very close to Whittier, and I also predict if CEPEC fails to alert the public about this knowledge before that one happens there could be some trouble there. You guys should probably tell a knowledgeable seismology person to file one of those complete predictions containing all of that information so you can act on it.

The earthquake I am writing about today as indicated in the banner headline above, should be a 7 Magnitude earthquake that might go as high as 7.6 Richters Magnitude and for the sake of the CEPEC, and NEPEC it should be striking Seattle, Yellowstone, Oregon, California, Nevada with some of those rare faults such as New Madrid always lingering. If this earthquake energy pushes the North American Tectonic Plate into Central America it is possible that after like say July 21, Central America could receive this earthquake. Caribbean nations might also get some of this earthquake energy but that is always such a long shot that it just seems unlikely, but yes a major aftershock at Haiti may be a possibility.

Les Brown,
Actor, Writer, EQ Guy

EXHIBIT A-My Curriculum Vitae:

I attended school in my hometown in Wisconsin, and went on to receive my General Education Diploma from Blackhawk Tech in October 1981, later attending TV Actors Studio in Chicago where I received a diploma from their Commercials One and Two course in early 1989. Throughout the 1990’s I worked as a Background Actor in Chicago Film Production acclimating to Feature Roles and Bit Parts and joining the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists or AFTRA, as well as going on to begin an Apprenticeship with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in 1996 and heading to Los Angeles in 1999 when work ran out in Wisconsin. There I moved my AFTRA card and worked for Central Casting at the studios out there as well as moved my apprenticeship to work with the Southern California Millwrights local #1607 on a number of jobs out there having also worked on a lot of movies and television productions during this time as well. My California Apprenticeship was actually an Indenturement approved through Sacramento and affiliated with Santa Ana College in Santa Ana, California where I still have transcripts on file, there. I was also in one or two pretty big earthquakes including the Hector Mines earthquake during my time in Southern California. In January of 2003 I moved my carpenters union card back to Milwaukee by taking and passing their Journeymans Test and thereby completing my apprenticeship, albeit without going the graduation route. Next, I began studying earthquakes by reading books from the local libraries including the Geology Library at UW-Madison. This led to me polishing my knowledge of earthquakes that began the day of the Northridge Quake when I immediately researched the things that happened in the days leading up to that huge earthquake. My studies went right into my first book originally completed around December 2003 at the time of the Paso Robles, and Bam Iran earthquakes. I updated this in early 2005 after I had a particularly good alert out prior to the Great Sumatra Earthquake of December 2004. This new version of my first book “How To Predict Earthquakes” was represented by a literary agent but did not find a publisher. Nor did a “Compact Edition” that I shopped to publishers myself through 2007. As of Spring of 2010, I have now completed my latest earthquake book “My Earthquake Memoirs” and am currently in the process of submitting queries to Literary Agents on that new project. Never married I currently reside at Moms house on Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin where I watch Hurricanes, Typhoon, windstorms in general and earthquakes very closely on a daily basis and I write an EQ Blog that is producing my first pay-check any day now. In August 2008 I was hired by Per-Mar Security in Madison, Wisconsin as an Event Security person for Wisconsin Badgers Football, Basketball, Hockey, Track Meets, and etc. and am currently employed there. There has also been a streak of Film Production in Chicago and so I have been doing a lot of acting in movies and TV Shows shooting in Chicago this year having just received one check today for my work on the new Ron Howard movie shot in recent weeks where I was in an actual bar fight with paper cups during rehearsal and real glass bottles breaking when the cameras roll. Primarily working for Atmosphere Casting Chicago, Jon Kinnas. I hope to move up the ladder in the Security Business with my sights set on the much higher paying security jobs at Nuclear Plants possibly being somewhere out there in my future and full-well knowing my acting (and some script writing, I got a small credit at the end of two major movies) will pay off for me some day, as well. I also take my work with earthquakes very seriously as well and will continue my study of earthquakes and my earthquake writing at the same time as I continue with Security and Film Production!!! Thank-You!!! LES

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