Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Or Two Tiny Windstorms Down-Under at Australia (and a couple inches of snow out east)

At work today it occured to me that i hadn't written in my EQ Blog much lately. I must point out that the reason, of course, and my long time friends and loyal readers already know this, the reason is because there just plain isn't much going on in the way of earthquake energy. So today I will write that there had been generous amounts of snow out east and just an inch here and an inch there in my midwest region, and about the only other thing that might affect plate tectonics would be one or two small windstorms down-under around Australia. As a result we may continue to go on seeing minor earthquakes strike around the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate and always the possibility of something small shaking our West Coast, but I have nothing else to say at this point besides just that usual tiny chance that those small windstorms could someday shake something loose and release earthquake energy that has been building up somewhere. That hasn't happened yet in the days I have been tracking earthquake energy and so I'm betting there won't be anything major until further notice, it's just that where earthquakes are concerned let's not say "All Clear." Thank-You again for reading and I will write the minute it looks like there IS an earthquake coming!!! EQ Guy

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