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The correlations used in the original Official Prediction of which this Continuation is referring were the 1992 Landers Earthquake and a 1999 Palm Springs earthquake. I had stated therein that due strictly to those two earthquakes having been preceded by tornadoes exactly 12 days earlier that June 3, 2013 could have been the date of this potential earthquake for the Los Angeles Area. I know it may have been obvious to some that in doing so I was leaving out a possible vast array of other correlations that were later and today I want to file this Continuation to include a few more later correlations in an effort to still nail the exact date for this upcoming possible Major Los Angeles Earthquake.

The correlations I wish to introduce today include the June 28, 1966 Parkfield, California earthquake that I discovered was preceded 24 days by a huge tornado at Jackson, Mississippi of June 3, 1966. This correlation would take us out to June 13, 2013. A tornado that struck Waco, Texas on May 11, 1953 preceded a 6.9 Richters Earthquake that struck the Island of Hispaniola on May 31, 1953 or Day 20 which would extend our present Official Prediction through June 9, and a tornado that struck Galliapolis, Ohio was on April 23, 1968 was followed on Day 23 by the 8.0 Tokachi Earthquake that struck Japan near Hokkaido which would correlate with our June 12, 2013 giving us June 9, June 12, and June 13 for our next window that I wish to extend this Official Prediction through with June 8 being the date of the New Moon and an additional huge correlation that will overlap todays Continuation. I am also presently leaving out a 1958 tornado that preceded a huge Mega-Tsunami of 1700 feet high on Day 35 after that tornado which will appear in my final continuation for July 3 if and when this continuation that stops at Day 23 does not produce this major earthquake.

With regards to the May 2013 Full Moon Correlation discussed in the original O.P., it appears that if you take the exact moment of the May 2013 Full Moon and translate the time of May 25 at 04:27UTC to Pacific Time and then start the window 24 hours before the exact moment as I explain in the original Official Prediction, you will come out at 9:27pm Pacific Time on May 23, 2013. Ironically the Susanville/Greenville, California 5.9 Earthquake struck at 8:47pm Pacific Time or 40 minutes before this window commenced. The 8.3 Richters Kamchatka Earthquake struck around 2 hours later at 10:44pm PDT and well within that window! Now, the June New Moon will be at 8:59pm Pacific Time on June 8, 2013 with the 24 hour window beginning at 8:59pm on Friday, June 7, 2013 and continue on until June 9 at 8:59pm Pacific and as usual a few minutes before and after those exact times. I would be watching very closely through that 48 hour window!

Similar to how there were other major earthquakes lurking as of the writing of the original O.P., there are also a few others that will be in effect during this Continuation. New Madrid, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and Chicago for up to 5.9 Richters is one, which will continue on to Nepal, Novosibirsk and Kazakhstan easily through the end of June 2013, and there has just been a huge tornado at El Reno, Oklahoma now rated EF-5 and reportedly 2 and a half miles wide that will assuredly produce still more earthquake energy. This could complicate the present Los Angeles and Southern California O.P. for which this Continuation applies through June 13, but also since Mt. St. Helens was Day 5 after the Kalamazoo Tornado as stated in my original Official Prediction, which would then mean the El Reno Resultant could occur as soon as June 5, 2013 and possibly as far West as Mt. St. Helens or California. Thinking about it perhaps we should consider the El Reno Tornado to now be a player in this “Continuation of Official Prediction.” That would possibly increase the total magnitude of one single earthquake which I have already placed as high as the 7 Magnitude Range, but would likely only increase to the 8 Magnitude Range for areas that lie beyond the jurisdiction of CEPEC and NEPEC so therefore discussion would not be necessary.

As of the moment that I am writing this Continuation, there have now been a huge series of earthquakes striking at Niland, California at the Southern end of the Salton Sea and 19 miles North of Imperial, California, a few miles North of Mexico/Calexico at the border with Mexico there. In the past there have been similar swarms that have gone on to precede Major Earthquakes such as the December 2009/January 2010 Baja California Swarm of over 155 Richters that ultimately preceded both the Eureka 2010 Earthquake and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. See My EQ Blog Entry for January 1, 2010 @

For reasons I have described above, I now wish to extend my Official Prediction filed May 22, 2013 for Los Angeles and Southern California until 11:59pm on June 13, 2013 and must note that similar to the manner in which the original also included California due to California being in the path of the earthquake energy of Cyclone Mahassen at Bangladesh, with todays Continuation California might also be in the path of some additional earthquake energy from the El Reno Tornado. This now Continued Official Prediction should only apply to Los Angeles, however please note that San Francisco just received a direct hit of a 1.5 Richters Earthquake with the epicenter being very near the Sundance Cinemas location in Downtown San Francisco at 1881 Post Street in the Pacific Heights Neighborhood just one mile from the Embarcadero. There may be a huge alert for San Francisco that could result in the need for a separate Official Prediction to follow, until then that might indicate potential trouble up that way with all the movement that has been going on along the San Andreas Fault in recent days. If all these energies were to combine at San Francisco it could be as big as 7.9 Richters at any moment or 7.0 to 7.9 on the Richter Scale, however I had only intended this O.P. to refer to the “Straight Line” Earthquake Energy traveling across far Southern California and onto Hawaii, etc.

Thank-You for accepting this Continuation Mr. Parrish and Mr. Blanpied and I want to add that I hope none of these huge California Earthquakes will strike, but am sorry to report to you that I have witnessed too many such correlations to not do anything and hope that someday in the future the public conscience will become well aware of such correlations as I discussed in this report. Thank-You Again!

Respectfully Submitted, EQ Guy

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