Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Official Prediction: California!!! 6.1 Richters Magnitude!!!

October 28, 2010
From: The EQ Alert Guy
The Mid-West United States has been hit with what has been called a Chi-Clone referring to the fact that a great deal of the wind damage occurred in the area around Chicago and that it was very similar to a Tropical Cyclone having had windspeeds as high as the 60 to 70 mph range and possibly even higher. This amount of wind along with the massive amounts of damage being reported everywhere from Kokomo, to South Bend is now the reason I want to file todays OFFICIAL PREDICTION via letter with both the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, and the National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council.

This Official Prediction is for just a small amount of earthquake energy to strike California, or Seattle, Washington, or Oregon in the next several days. I will carefully place my estimate for the exact Magnitude at 6.1 Richters and expect a lot of aftershocks in an aftershock sequence that will be much the same as the continuous pounding of the wind that we took here in the Mid-West over the last two days. Some fairly high winds but not really high enough to cause another, “World Series,” sized earthquake, if you know what I mean. That being a reference to the fact that the great World Series/Loma Preita Earthquake was preceded 18 Days by the landfall of Hurricane Hugo at Charleston; and this weeks Chi-Clone, while doing a great deal of damage, has probably not done the same amount as that great hurricane of 1989.

There have also been several other major sources for this type of potential earthquake energy in the last several days including at least one other one that may apply to California and our West Coast. It should also be noted that both CEPEC and NEPEC were sent via E-Mail copies of a recent EQ Alert preceding this weeks Sumatra Earthquake which was for Sumatra. The other big windstorm I’m talking about got virtually no news coverage and I just luckily spotted it at as it was making landfall on October 22, 2010 at Myanmar. That landfall with 135 Knot winds should cause earthquake energy along the Tectonic Plate Boundary in the mountains of China by around Monday Night with a magnitude of 6.5 Richters. That amount can heavily damage towns in that region if a direct hit and looks to be headed directly for the Sichuan area where the Sichuan Earthquake struck in recent years also immediately following the landfall of another Major Tropical Cyclone at Myanmar, and with all due respect for the filling of the Three-Gorges Dam. Is that thing full, yet?

Anytime huge windstorms strike the United States it is not necessarily going to shake the Tectonic Plate Boundary between the North American Tectonic Plate and the Pacific Tectonic Plate, but because it is kind of a long-shot possibility I am sending this to the Councils today. In earthquake circles they like to rate their predictions by percentage of certainty and I will rate this as me being 40 percent certain that there is about a 2 Percent chance of getting the amount stated above or 6.1 Richters at Frisco/California. This amount of chance, of course, goes up with each state/city that you add and also goes up if you lower my predicted magnitude, or 60 percent certain there is a 10 percent chance of a 5.9 for California: or 70 Percent certain there is a 25 percent chance of a 5.7 our entire West Coast: or 80 Percent certain there is a 35 percent chance of a 5.5 for the Western United States somewhere: or 90 percent sure there’s about a 75 percent chance that a 5.0 Richters earthquake will strike North America before next Tuesday.

Thank-You, for accepting my submissions and at some time in the future I hope to make Precision Plate Tectonics such as the system I briefly explain herein very public so that we can alert the people whenever there is earthquake energy heading for them!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
The EQ Alert Guy

EDITED OCTOBER 28, 2010 at 11:44pm: Removed my name/left EQ Guy for name:)

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