Friday, December 10, 2010

Yes, Winter Conditions ARE Getting Worse!!! Earthquake Coming!!!!!

With this next storm that now looks like it just might track across the entire Northern United States, along with lots, and lots of other snow that has fallen in just the last several hours as well as the last several days, and now deepening freeze across practically the whole country, you can count on the North American Tectonic Plate moving one way or another.

One big thing that we all need to now be watching for is the fact that if memory serves me correctly then somewhere out along our East Coast there should any moment now be a small major shaker, or perhaps medium sized earthquake is the word. About the first this happened on my watch was one very near Richmond, Virginia but others have happened and it basically just gets me wondering if this isn't the first ingrediant in the tectonic plate moving out towards the plate boundaries or the San Andreas Fault and in the case of early this year, Haiti. Is Haiti due for a major aftershock? Will the North American Tectonic Plate move in that direction? Are there any other major fault lines down in that neighborhood that are vulnerable? Where will all this new earthquake energy be released? Will our East Coast get that initial movement FIRST, and then followed by the next major earthquake that hits the world??? EQ Guy

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