Friday, May 20, 2011

May 21, 2011 = NOT End of World!!! No Earthquake Today, Sorry!!!

Hello, I'm posting this here on EQ Blog-2 because it is kind of dumb thinking May 21 could actually be the end of the world per se. I had been asked a few times over the last couple weeks and didn't know what all those guys were talking about till tonight when I seen the story about all the billboards, and further the dude I think specifically mentioned a major earthquake as supposedly being the cause of the end. (?????) So I am writing tonight to give just a quick update on all potential earthquake energy that is currently out there and with the hopes of letting my readers know that there WILL NOT be a life-as-we-know-it ending earthquake today or anytime soon!!! Yes, there is a small amount of earthquake energy that may still be unaccounted for, but NOT enough to fulfill this prophecy. Finally, yesterdays Turkey Earthquake struck on the second day after the Full Moon and just about basically concludes the sum total of all the earthquake energy that I had even been watching/waiting for and now aside from one tornado that stuck near Philadelphia that I have not yet gotten a report on, that seems to be it for now! Thank-You all again for reading and sorry, but it is NOT the end of the world!!!!! EQ Guy

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