Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sumatra Aftershocks were at Nias Island = Japan Aftershocks Could Be. . . . .???

One of the major aftershocks from the Great Sumatra Earthquake struck on March 28, 2005 at 8.7 Richters hitting Nias Island and killing 1200 people. While I didn't exactly figure out the exact number of miles this location was from the epicenter of the original Sumatra Earthquake, I did figure out the following from the information that i just finished reviewing: Aftershocks of the early 2011 Japan earthquake could possibly strike at another point along the boundary between the Asian Tectonic Plate and the Pacific Tectonic Plate OR at another spot closer to the eastern boundaries of the Indian Ocean Plate or maybe even further north along that line between the Indian and Asian Plates. I just wanted to note these facts as a result of knowing now that the aftershocks of the Sumatra earthquake struck more out along the tectonic plate boundaries than just concentrating on one spot, which these aftershocks do not seem to have done at Sumatra. . . and so as a result I would expect that neither would they concentrate on the Japan region today. While there may still be some reason to worry for Japan, right at this moment as I write this update I'm thinking along the lines of Sichuan, China also being in that general region as well as parts of Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, and etc. It looks like an aftershock could strike a couple hundred miles this way or that and I will continue to look into finding all of the exact numbers and keep you updated like here at EQ Blog-2 and Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

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