Thursday, August 25, 2011

New York / Washington, .D.C. Overdue for Big Shaker???

It is one of the many facts that I learned very early in my studies of earthquakes. That is that anytime you build on shaky ground or fill a big reservoir you eventually get a HUGE earthquake. Among the first stories was that there were earthquakes surrounding the filling of Lake Mead in Nevada. Therefore I knew there would eventually be a major earthquake when the filling of the new Three Gorges Dam in China would occur. That earthquake turned out to be the Sichuan China Earthquake from 2008 with 70,000 dead.

Through all of the years that construction has taken place in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, and etc., it just occurred to me that pretty much none of those places have yet had that major earthquake that they may be overdue for. I’m talking about a minimum of around 7 Richters such as the Great Charleston Earthquake or 8 Richters such as the Sichuan Earthquake with the epicenter as Newark, Harrisburg, Fredericksburg, Silver Spring, or Providence!!! I suppose it could even be as big as 9 Richters such as Sumatra 2004, or Japan 2011.

I suppose it is possible that we just had not only the biggest earthquake of all time there, but that could now also be just the first in a series of such earthquakes or be a foreshock of what could soon be the BIG ONE!!!

Any Geology or Seismology person will tell you that New York, Washington D.C., and etc., WILL GET a Major Earthquake at some point in time. Maybe this will be the one, maybe 5.8 Richmond was a foreshock such as there was a 7 Magnitude foreshock to this years Honshu Japan Earthquake.

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