Monday, September 26, 2011

L'Aquila "Scientists" Trial Starts October 1, 2011 Could Advance EQ Prediction!!!!!

September 26, 2011

To: All EQ Alert People
From: Les Brown, The EQ Alert Guy

There may now be an issue with this upcoming major earthquake that is headed for the Northern California Triple Plate Junction. Many of you might have heard that seven very bad scientists have now been charged with Manslaughter in Italy for their inaction in the Earthquake Prediction of Giampaolo Giuliani in L'Aquila Italy in 2009. They told the Mayor of that city not to do anything and that it would be much better for them to all just sit back and "Drink Expensive Wine" basically translated from Italian. Upwards of 300 people were killed in the Major Earthquake that struck that city 6 days later and the public outcry that followed resulted in those serious charges now coming to trial on October 1, 2011.

I dare say there are these days A LOT of you reading this who are by now VERY FAMILIAR with my earthquake writings and probably very familiar with the fact that I have written many a good valid and accurate prediction fairly close to the accuracy of Mr. Giuliani and my alerts go out to a few "Scientists" in various such positions as well. Today I just want to add that we presently have one such Major Earthquake heading directly for Eureka, California at 7.6 Richters Magnitude and I have submitted this to both the California and National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils who have received my Official Predictions in the past and are guilty of more or less the same inaction as the seven really bad scientists in the L'Aquila Italy matter. These councils are today probably guilty of ignoring one or two Great Official Predictions as well as inactions that have led to thousands of deaths around the world on a few others such as the days before the now great Japan Earthquake of 2011 in which we plainly knew the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate was really going to be busting a move!!!

So, anywayz I am writing today to ask that we have some sort of a plan as to how we are going to eventually bring the general public up-to-date on EQ Alerts and Official Predictions, and allow them to prepare? It is my opinion that bringing charges against them and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law should get them moving. If this is the route that the renaissance of earthquake prediction is going to take. . . then it is the route that we all need to be prepared to travel. Perhaps my next move, will be to seek that sort of legal remedy here in the United States for some of our own "Bad Scientists"? Maybe Italy is correct after all and that is what it will take to get the message out to the people when there is a Major Earthquake heading for them?

The real reason I started writing this letter today was to send along a link to my new You Tube Vid about my recent Official Prediction: CLICK THAT!

Thank-You for watching!!!!!

Les Brown,
The EQ Alert Guy


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