Thursday, April 19, 2012

Be Watching Coachella For a Major Earthquake!!!???:)))

Yes, while watching ever so closely for the big shaker we're expecting. . . I just so happened to notice at least once along the way that we were watching, watching, watching so close to that one specific area near San Bernardino/Wrightwood where the San Andreas Fault turns West! At the same time I did become aware that it was looking like the weekend of that there Coachella Music Festival, HERE@

Now, knowing that HUGE crowd things like this, and other "Weight On The Tectonic Plate" things commonly preceed Major Earthquakes. . . thought in the back of my mind that Coachella 2012 picked a bad time to gather out ON TOP OF The San Andreas Fault! But I didn't either want to say such a thing! Today there were THREE EARTHQUAKES with the actual name of the town COACHELLA right in the body of the USGS Message!!! Here is one from like 5am this morning:

There are as of this writing a total of 3 of these and it is about 11am CDT, so I just want to say/warn that WEEKEND 2 of this festival, although I am not certain of the amount of people, cars, coolers, vans, trucks, and etc. gathering there, so Weekend 2 looks like it starts tomorrow if it hasn't already started. Well, heard one of the "Beatles Boys" was or is going to be there and so hope everybody enjoys the weekend and nothing big shakes there!!! Additionally I want to mention that I have often hypothesized a connection between tectonic plate movement and such other phenomenom as this:

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