Saturday, April 28, 2012

Medium Sized Shaker Heading for Los Angeles??? Frisco????? Be Watching/Prepared!!!

There have now been two major 4 Magnitude shakers in the Southern California region in just the last several hours with the big one still on schedule for tomorrow. If this follows with yesterdays Vancouver swarm. . . then there will be three of these so please continue to be watching and be prepared for number 3! Should be only a few more hours, but the actual alert goes on a few more days just the same. Right now let's keep our eyes open for when and where the next medium sized earthquake will strike around L.A., or S.F. and in the mean time stock up on the usual supplies for the house just incase there is a big shaker and we need to have all our own supplies on hand. I found an old Coleman Camping Stove and got it working and can honestly recommend one for cooking should anybody need to fall back on one. I just cook my Jiffy Pop on it when i'm out in the garage watching American Idol, and etc. but folks can probably use one of these groovy things to actually cook as well, and we occasionally have power outages here, and so back-up generators might not be a bad idea, too, and finally my moms house just so happened to have one of them fake gas log "fireplaces" and one day when the power was out I decided to hit the on switch just to try it out and it comes on! So I called the fireplace guy after the outage and he reported to me that there is a 500 Milliamp sensor that rides over the top of the pilot light and sends a constant current to the starter for just such emergencies. . . and keeps the house very nice and toasty in power outages, even the coldest days of Winter so I want to personally recommend a fake fireplace, too! Please feel free to comment any other way you folks know of to be prepared yourselves, and Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

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