Friday, May 4, 2012


Today I'm working on TV Show 'BOSS' with Kelsey Grammer as Mayor of Chicago! Shooting any moment! Just waiting for ACTION!!! EQ Guy ***************************************** Reminds me of a scene we shot in 'To Sir With Love' same neighborhood same part of Chicago, looks like were shooting!!! I g2g! **************************************** Also shot 'Blink' and 'ER' near here! The Fugitive just south of here with Joe Pantiliano and Dan Roebuck!!! **************************************** At the Chicago Merchandise Mart i worked a movie with Paul Neuman and Tim Robbins where i played a Newsreel Reporter in 'Hudsucker Proxy' **************************************** SuperMoon Saturday night! And on ER watched the Superbowl with George Clooney and Tony Edwards. Now moving camera and etc, for Close-Ups!!! **************************************** So while the Supermoon Saturday is closest, i'm not sure it will increase the earthquake energy this weekend. But always B-Prepared! EQ Guy **************************************** Waiting for dark now to shoot scenes by a resturant after just breaking for lunch! Hmmm, what to order? Think it a fake restrant anyways! **************************************** Working with actors and Directors from my past! Guys from movie 'Hoffa' with Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito! 10 Days on that shoot! **************************************** Thank-You crew guys who follow my EQ Blog for all the great praise and introducing the EQ Guy to all the Chicago Film Production People! **************************************** Going over 12 Hours, but they served us Prime Rib at first lunch, so no problem if we hit the 2nd meal break @ 10pm!!! Great Day! **************************************** @online_inquirer Dude! Thank-You for following me, Dude!!! I'll be back on next production in just DAYS!!!!! EQ Guy / Moviestar **************************************** Finally got done for the night around 10, going back soon for my CLOSE-UPS! @ Thank-You for reading! EQ Guy / Moviestar

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