Sunday, June 3, 2012

Full Moon Monday Night!!!!! Game 5 in San Antonio!!!

With all that new earthquake energy honking down on texas, i heard that the next game in the series against Oklahoma will be in San Antonio on Monday Night!!!!! Full Moon will also be on Monday Night!!! AND San Antonio just so happens to be very near where these two major lines of potential earthquake energy cross! And with the full moon also on monday night I can only say that I have not actually heard of a basketball game crowd adding enough to the Weight on the Tectonic Plate to really affect the outcome of this whole earthquake biz, however historically the full moon DOES seem to so let's watch San Antonio on Monday night for any signs of that 6 to 7 Magnitude Shaker!!!!!

The Los Angeles Kings will also now be playing a game at Staples Center in Los Angeles on the night of the full moon Monday June 4, 2012. However while L.A. does not have any earthquake energy heading for them, Baja California DOES, and San Diego County and Imperial County do. . . so let us be watching around Southern California, too!

Finally while Seattle has a major earthquake heading for them that could strike soon, or Boise, the night of this months full moon does not fall in the exact range where I am thinking Seattle and so far as Monday Full Moon Night I do not wish to add a lot to that already big warning, I suppose just to say that the nights of the full moon are getting a reputation around here that is not good! So, watch out around Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and Boise the night of the full moon as well just in case, you know!!!!! Be Prepared and Thank-You for reading!!!!! EQ Guy

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