Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NEW OFFICIAL PREDICTION: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Point Conception 7.1 Richters


This Official Prediction should be extended to July 15, 2012 if Los Angeles and Santa Barbara have not yet had that earthquake and will be continued to areas beyond California and outside the jurisdiction of CEPEC, and NEPEC thereafter.

The earthquake energy from the landfall of Hurricane Carlotta near Acapulco, Mexico on Saturday June 15, 2012 with wind speeds of 90 mph will now send significant earthquake energy up along the Pacific Coast directly towards Los Angeles and I expect about a 7.1 Richters earthquake to shake possibly out in the middle of the Santa Barbara Channel or Torrance, Long Beach, Malibu, Ventura County, or Santa Barbara and Point Conception in the immediate 10 to 18 days beyond June 15.

This new upcoming major earthquake should shake by about July 3 representing the number of days after the landfall of Hurricane Hugo that the World Series Earthquake then occurred or Day 18, but let’s still give it until July 15, 2012 just to be safe, or Day 30 since it includes numerous correlations and could be thought to therefore mathematically be more certain to include the date of a potential epicenter at any distance. My immediate concern might be the shorter term correlations such as my accurate prediction with my friends at Arrowhead Water, Ontario, California in 2000 where the energy crossed from the Gulf of Mexico to Fontana, California on Day 5, and the Kalamazoo Tornado of May 13, 1980 that preceded the major eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980 also Day 5. These two examples of Day 5 energies I consider call to begin watching immediately. . . . . but with a few that have gone to Day 18 and one or two beyond that is how I draw the final days of any Official Prediction or note at that time that the alert actually continues on as far as Day 43 representing the number of days the Great Islamabad Earthquake followed the landfall of Hurricane Katrina Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Nargis’ landfall at Myanmar was on May 2, 2008 and was followed immediately by the Sichuan China earthquake about 600 miles Northeast of there on May 12, 2008 or Day 10 and while we are talking about probably different terrains, this energy still covered half to one third the distance from Acapulco to Point Conception and would total 20 or 30 Days if my math is correct there. This example gives you an idea of one way I come up with the final end date of July 15, 2012, Day 30.

The full moon will occur on July 3, 2012 and could figure prominently into this O.P. as it did the night of the recent Great Chile Earthquake of February 27, 2010 just two hours before midnight of the full moon night as well as December 10, 2011 at Zumpango, Mexico where on the night of the full moon a man was driving under a cliff at the moment of the earthquake and was killed by falling rocks. It is my assertion that we knew enough about the full moon correlation on that night December 10, 2011, that a full all out alert should have been in place for places such as that shaky Mexico region where one man died. I believe that on my watch there has been a significant enough correlation with earthquakes striking on the Full Moon that we should be routinely reminding folks along fault lines at least in California and the United States. It now looks like the Full Moon on the night of July 3, 2012 could add to that list and be a major earthquake striking somewhere although I do not have an exact number of dates to correlate any of these (my) existing alerts to that exact date.
The October 2011 Full Moon? That was the one where I personally bought a plane ticket and flew to San Francisco and hand delivered that Official Prediction to the actual CEPEC Person (Name Edited Out) at the USGS Office in Menlo Park. That 5.9 Richters earthquake struck at 8:30 the night of the full moon October 12, 2011 shortly after I arrived back at my motel from a day at UC Berkeley Seismology, beautiful downtown Hayward, and the San Francisco Zoo. That 5.9 downgraded to a 5.3 remains among the largest earthquakes ever to strike California or our West Coast and you could say just so happened while I stood up there in Northern California to Greet it!
Witness statements from two huge windstorms have reported a great deal of shaking inside their homes including a lot of things rattling even though during these windstorms all of their windows were closed. It was originally this information that pointed me in the direction of major windstorms being the source of new earthquake energy. My guess is that wind striking trees, etc. pushes and pulls against the tectonic plate transmitting that energy, and especially the energy of enormous wind speeds across a tectonic plate and to subsequent tectonic plates traveling all around the world and resulting in me tracking such earthquake energy everywhere as well.

Ramirez used seismographs to triangulate the location of hurricanes, or the tripartite station method for storm tracking, SEE: http://www.impune.gov.in/weather_forcasting/forcasting_mannuals/IMD_IV_16.pdf These were hurricanes that were not yet visible from the shoreline by picking up their vibrations and reading them on the seismograph such as in Jacksonville, Florida and at Cuba he could watch as one moved north or wherever and knew when they were getting closer to the coast. This fact also proved at least to me in my early years of earthquake studies that big windstorms generated earthquake energy. My research discovered at least one occasion where days after Ramirez recorded the earthquake energy of one hurricane. . . it went on to cause a major earthquake at Central America, but I reason his system being probably so valuable for tracking hurricanes that he may have never been aware he was also the father of precision earthquake prediction.
Santa Barbara is routinely a tsunami alert for anytime earthquake energy heads up that way so that there is not a lot more reason for concern on this occasion than any other earthquake energy just a routine heads up that probably someday will occur just that all the warnings will or might be necessary until one actually does inundate that city. Therefore I must add a smallish tsunami alert for the Santa Barbara region.
Oklahoma was listed and had NOT been getting any shakers in recent memory, now had like 3 earthquakes well within the recent Official Prediction that did specifically mention Oklahoma. The New Madrid Zone has also now gotten one or two and could get more in the coming days since that earthquake energy does not seem to have run out yet, either. Note that both of these regions will be affected by the landfall early today of Typhoon Guchol at Japan which will be discussed more at the end of this paper.

I had also recently discussed Illinois earthquakes with my “Personal Banker” at my Bank of America branch in McHenry, Illinois back in November 2011. At that time the subject of earthquakes came up and he mentioned having been in one of the more recent Illinois earthquakes. To this I replied with what I knew at that time about the matter and that was that the two latest major Illinois shakers had struck at Ottawa, and near Elgin, Illinois and I continued to relate to him the fact that both towns were situated on the Fox River there. . . . . stating that McHenry, which was right where we were standing, just so happened to be about the next town in line along that river if those earthquakes did follow up along that river like in a series over time. I also recall telling him that it had been now over a year since the last one and it could be as soon as February 2012 that McHenry could get hit by such a shaker. He expressed shock at my suggestion, but I relieved his angst with the fact that it could only possibly be another small earthquake similar to the two other recent Illinois shakers. Then a 2.4 Richters earthquake struck at McHenry on January 30, 2012 at 9:54pm just as I had stated except on this occasion, and upon my next visit to my bank there in early February, I was met by virtually a whole entire staff of Bank of America employees and a Bank Manager who recalled all of what I had said to him in more or less the exact verbatim. Making the McHenry Bank of America prediction pretty much official.
As of the early morning hours of June 19, 2012 Typhoon Guchol has made landfall at Japan with wind speeds of 80 mph and gusts of 95, although it had registered winds of 110 and gusts of 130 mph just hours before landfall and was a Cat 4 Super Typhoon yesterday. I will now expect Typhoon Guchol to generate more earthquake energy which will be heading for Anchorage and Kodiak Island, Alaska, Pt. Rupert, Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, and Boise in the amount of about 7 Richters. It just occurred to me that this could possibly produce a large shaker or volcano up in Alaska and might need it’s own Official Prediction, as well as yet another new one for Seattle concurrent with the present one, however I may prefer THIS to be the formal mention of the Anchorage/Kodiak alert, and follow it up with a long winded alert and possibly O.P. by letter to follow sometime later.
I have tried to be more complete this time after greatly truncating my last Official Prediction and am sorry again if I have fallen short in any area such as not including maps to illustrate stuff. Again, my main purpose for submitting to CEPEC, and NEPEC has up to now been mostly for having this information on file so that it can be referenced. . . not so much to send up any alarms per se, although full moons are starting to come much more into focus you know.

Thank-You again for accepting this new Official Prediction for Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara!!!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

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