Thursday, November 8, 2012


The date given as the original end date for this recent Official Prediction was November 12, 2012, but I am writing today to conclude this Official Prediction due to it looking like a lot of earthquake energy being released that was probably associated with this alert.

On the occasion of the landfall of Typhoon Jelawat at Japan on September 30, 2012, I wrote and filed an Official Prediction. At that time it was my opinion that this earthquake energy should have crossed Alaska at around Fairbanks and continued on towards Edmonton. . . of course I had very little confidence that Edmonton would end up having anything to do with it and at one point glanced more over towards Vancouver Island ultimately leaving it out due to it being quite far West of what I thought to be the line.

Other writings from about that time mentioned the Denali Fault and it being a thrust fault not a slip fault. Someone commented me asking if that mechanism that I referred to might have had anything to do with an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 that struck Queen Charlotte Island, Canada late on October 27, 2012. Whether it was something to do with the effect of this earthquake energy having to cross that region where the Denali Fault exists, or just a 1 or 2 degree error in my reading of the straight line in this investigation was not determined. Additionally I had written somewhere else that after the Queen Charlotte Island Earthquake, I felt it necessary to move the line over away from New Madrid/Poplar Bluff and more over towards Oklahoma and Texas.

Now, with the addition of hindsight I can honestly say that I might have also reran the line from Japan using Queen Charlotte Island and thus I would have came out with not only a line that runs straight through Texas, but a straight-line that continues on and runs directly through Guatemala where yesterday they got a 7.5 Richters Earthquake.

Therefore the Official Prediction that this Summation pertains to should be concluded and it is my opinion that all of this major earthquake energy has been released.

With that I might consider this Official Prediction as having attained some success! The fact that Edmonton, Alberta in Canada falls just 6 or 700 miles East of the actual epicenter at Queen Charlotte appears to satisfy the assertions of this O.P. Queen Charlotte Island and Guatemala appear to be the line I was watching through New Madrid and on to Jamaica with that hopefully exhausting all of this earthquake energy.

There will still be an Official Prediction in effect for Ottawa, Canada/China, and Indonesia, as well as the most recent one filed for Lompoc, California/San Joaquin, and Western Nevada. Those lines should be much, much closer to accurate. Thank-You again for reading! Sincerely, EQ Alert Guy

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