Thursday, January 17, 2013

Great Northridge Earthquake 19 Year Anniversary!!!!!

It was just another day of writing screenplays for major motion pictures like I was trying to be doing every day back on this day in 1994. I do not always turn on the TV or a radio since I figured out I can produce more material without any such inturuptions, so when I finally did turn on the TV I could not believe what I was seeing! The pictures on the TV were unbelievable! The destruction, fires and all of the talk of seismology and fault lines and aftershocks, etc. were so unfamiliar to me back in those days that I wouldn't have known much at all about what the professionals were even talking about! Then came the list of names of famous celebrities, stars, and all the notoria who were quickly becoming involved in what was the very first Major Earthquake ever to strike Hollywood!!! There had been smaller ones over the years in the general region but this was practically a direct hit! That was the exact moment on that day on January 17, 1994 when I decided that I, too, must try to do my share to help in the great effort that was about to start taking place! That was to help the people of Los Angeles in any way possible! Others were helping by traveling out there to do rescue, and search and rescue work, others Red Cross work. Me. . . after giving it a few moments of thought away from my screenplay writing, I decided that I would spend a few hours looking into what might have caused such a Major Earthquake to happen!!! That was when I began immediately to check through just the most recent old newspapers still around the house and then the ones still in a nearby recycling bag. There I found that the most likely culprit was those severe winter conditions that we just so happened to be experiencing right there in Wisconsin! Yes, sub-zero temperatures, two feet of snow across the entire country, 55 mile per hour winds, and 4 feet of snow in the Sierras convinced me that the movement of the North American Tectonic Plate was forcing against the Pacific Tectonic Plate out around the San Andreas Fault and caused a fault line to shake at or near Northridge, California! The rest is history! Of course I used that exact information to write out a "Winter Conditions EQ Alert" prior to the Paso Robles Earthquake in 2003, and an Official Prediction from those same severe winter conditions in December of 2009 which resulted in the Eureka 2010 Earthquake and a few days later the Haiti Earthquake! Possibly also the cause of our more recent 7.5 Richters Earthquake at Craig, Alaska. Over the years combining many other factors to create what I today call "Precision Plate Tectonics" or tracking precision movements of tectonic plates in order to calculate future movements! And it all started this day in 1994!!!!! Thank-You for reading! EQ Guy

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