Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The landfall of Typhoon Saulik at Northern Taiwan had gusts reportedly as high as 130mph and tracked straight across the very top of that island on a path that was virtually due West. Upon close checking with the World Atlas, I found that this brand new line of potential Major Earthquake energy crosses directly through a city by the name of Mandalay. The major fault line that it crosses right there at about that same point is also the one that extends south and might have been responsible for the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake. This Fault line also extends North from that point up into the region where the Sichuan, China Earthquake also struck.

Therefore, today I want to just post this "Official Prediction" although there is actually NO current such outlet that accepts such a prediction, post here for later reference such as after this Major Earthquake or possibly Mega-Thruster strikes. The range of this Major Earthquake should easily fall into the range of between 7.6 and 9.3 Richters and I will guess it at about 9.1 Richters. Mandalay, Bangladesh, and Myanmar will be first in line for this Major Earthquake Event and I must mention that Taiwan itself is getting Major Foreshocks as I am writing this and could also very easily become the epicenter of the earthquake energy that was generated right there on their island, so watch Taiwan as well as Alaska where they have now received like 275 Total Richters of Earthquake Swarms in the last day or so! Alaska and Japan are not exactly on this line, but are situated along the nearby tectonic plate boundaries you know! So would the Cascadia Fault be! In addition to Sichuan, China and Sumatra, and Indonesia being to the North and South and perhaps being susceptible to major earthquakes, there is also Guam, Hawaii, Lima Peru, New Delhi, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Yemen, and South Iran that are all situated directly on this new line of potential MegaThruster Sized Earthquake Energy.

The landfall of a similar Super Typhoon Nanmadol in December of 2004 preceded the Sumatra Earthquake of 2004 and the landfall of Cyclone Nargis at Myanmar preceded the Sichuan Earthquake at Sichuan, China 10 days later. If the numbers on this event work out the same as the numbers in the Nargis/Sichuan event, then we will be watching for this Major Earthquake, Earthquake/Tsunami, or possibly Volcano Event to take place on or possibly before Monday, July 22, 2013 although the geography is nowhere near similar here and so the full timeline on this event will actually run all the way through August of 2013 with the final end date of this Official Prediction being August 31, 2013. That Day 10 mentioned above looks like it is not only a highly suspect date we will be watching on, but also appears to be the July 2013 Full Moon!!! As of this writing I have now had so many correlations between Major Earthquakes and Full/New Moons that I consider it highly probable now that there will at least be a Giant Foreshock that night as well as the 24 hour period before and after the exact moment of the Full Moon, which in July 2013 will be July 22, 2013 at 18:17 UTC or actually the very early hours of July 22 on the other side of the world, while being like 10:17am July 22 on our West Coast.

It has been quite some time since I have had to stare at the screen on the computer trying to type while knowing full well that hundreds of thousands of people might be killed in the coming moments and hours by a major earthquake event that myself and a lot of my best readers all knew about. Many of you up to this point have now seen many of these come and go and it is actually the very reason that a lot of you are reading this right now, because you have now personally viewed any number of these where you are reading the name of a city somewhere in the world one minute. . . and seeing that a major earthquake actually struck there the next. Of course it is now very common for me because I now do this all the time, but at some point I want you all to know I hope that we will some day have the ability somehow to let the people in other parts of the world to know times such as now when there could be a major earthquake heading for them! A lot of these people in a lot of these places are like me and you and could easily be sleeping out in tents so that they will not be sleeping in their houses when an earthquake strikes. Today, me and you know there will probably be a Major Earthquake striking very, very soon. . . in the future perhaps translating my EQ Blog into all the other different languages of the world could let these people know what is going on in the world of Earthquake Prediction and as I say in my new book I'm currently writing, together we might all be able to help in Bringing Earthquakes To Life!!!

Thank-You All Again For Reading!!!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
Les Brown, The EQ Alert Guy

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