Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This brand new now upcoming Major Earthquake will probably be in the area of 6.7 or 6.8 Richters but could go as big as a 7.6 Richters. The area of uncertainty in magnitude is as a result of Typhoon Man-Yi losing strength as it approached landfall at Honshu Japan and the amount of possible seismic energy it could have generated in that approach in shallower waters and outlying islands as well as outer bands reaching land sooner, added to the total amount contacting the tectonic plate on land during Man-Yi’s landfall there.

There is also a Major Earthquake due to strike as soon as September 20 through 23 as a result of the landfall of big CAT-4 Super Typhoon Utor at the Philippines on August 11, 2013 which could possibly strike in the early days of this O.P. and could coincide with the September 2013 Full Moon Window of September 18 through September 20 and so a big South or Central America Earthquake of 7 or 8 Richters will not come under this Official Prediction if and when one does strike at any place other than those covered by this writing.

I had a similar Official Prediction written on October 14, 2012 that crossed a similar path and I stated Edmonton in that writing. . . . . and the huge climax actually occurred at Queen Charlotte Island just 13 days later at 7.7 on October 28, 2012. You can view that Official Prediction @ AND the USGS report on that Queen Charlotte Earthquake @

You could say that due to just the above rather recent incident regarding Jelawat, that we might know the landfall of Typhoon Man-Yi will probably now precede a quite similar Major Earthquake and possibly in that same region. One slight difference being the winds reported with Typhoon Jelawat at 100mph and Typhoon Man-Yi at 75, but you could also say that 75 percent of that 7.7 at Queen Charlotte might also still be a huge earthquake.

This straight line of brand new potential earthquake energy or seismic energy will now somewhat duplicate the path of the energy from that landfall of Typhoon Jelawat very near to where this recent landfall of Typhoon Man-Yi occurred. You can view the path of Jelawat at: and looks like it could stay south of the Denali Fault. I’m not sure which side of the Denali Fault Jelawat traveled but am reasonably sure todays path will be traveling south of it and the banner headline from the Jelawat O.P. says Fairbanks. Todays line crosses very near Anchorage and goes on to cross near the epicenter of 1964 Alaska Earthquake, then onto Juneau, Helena, and finally New Madrid and while I do not expect it to vary too much from this exact line, it does appear Queen Charlotte Island is situated a few miles west of the exact line of that October 14, 2012 O.P.

Today I am putting the final end date of all of this new earthquake energy at October 22, 2013, although a lot could happen in the days in between and those regions of Alaska that are situated closer to the Japan Landfall will be first along the line to possibly be affected. There is also as I write, an immediate chance Japan might get some of this earthquake energy as a result of all of the energy from this big windstorm pushing against Shikoku and Honshu and there was already a 5.1 Richters Earthquake at Honshu in the hours after that landfall. There could be more and it will remain a possibility that Japan could be affected and receive up to the grand total of 7.6 Richters at some point throughout the duration of this Official Prediction.

Thank-You Again for taking the time to read this O.P. and Thank-You also for all the great comments I have been getting when these major earthquakes inevitably strike such as the recent ones at Peru, Easter Island, and Victoria!!! Respectfully Submitted, EQ Guy

Herein Submitted September 18, 2013

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