Monday, November 11, 2013


This will be the next huge earthquake that strikes a fairly large area somewhere, although hopefully it will be a far less populated area without nearly the damage it could possibly do. There is also currently a similar alert that covers a lot of the same regions in the 7.6 to 8.1 Range and is on Day 31 as of November 11, 2013. THIS New EQ Alert will begin immediately and run through Mid-December.

The maximum windspeeds of Super Typhoon Haiyan were reported at 195 with gusts having been reported as high as 235mph by the JTWC prior to the landfall. Winds at landfall and beyond are being reported at 147 with gusts at 170 and it is probable there is not much difference there except that the amount of the higher numbers that were once reported also contribute to generating Major Earthquake Energy and as a result give us that highest estimated magnitude of 9.1 Richters.

The straight line from the landfall at Philippines heads directly across Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Bangkok, but the entire tectonic plate boundary will also include up into China, Nepal, and a few other countries, and also south to Indonesia and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Region. There has also now been a lot of shaking in the wake of that landfall, too, including one at Micronesia, and two very recent ones early today, November 11, 2013 at North of Taiwan, and Mariana Islands which looks like it's very near that Mariana Trench and all just 1500 or 2000 miles due east of the landfall of Super Typhoon Haiyan at Philippines.

The rule that I like to use and have written about in books and blogs, is that with the Major Earthquake Resultant expected after the landfall of a Huge Windstorm the damage will generally be about 90% of the damage done by the windstorm! In this case the damage from Super Typhoon Haiyan is now very extensive. . . and so we will be watching for the next huge Major Earthquake with damage similarly extensive and probably one comparable to what the Philippines is presently undergoing with Philippines even being very much in the crosshairs of this potential earthquake due to having just had a Major Earthquake in recent weeks and possibly being due for a Major or even larger aftershock near Cebu City.

There may be two of these gigantic sized Major Earthquakes due to strike and on at least one or two occasions they have combined which these two hopefully will not do. The Philippines also have a number of Major Volcanoes and as a result we might also expect some Volcano Activity, too! Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Alert Guy

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