Friday, April 25, 2014


[On May 10, 2014, I filed an Extension By Letter for this Official Prediction now through June 1, 2014. You can view that at my EQ Blog@ ]

It is more or less common knowledge that the Pacific Tectonic Plate moves towards the north along the edge of the North American Tectonic Plate. In recent days this movement was indicated by several earthquakes along the eastern edge of the Pacific. Most Notably and in order both chronologically as well as from south to north, they are 8.2 Chile, 6.6 Nicaragua, 7.5 Mexico and as of yesterday, April 24, 2014, a 6.6 at Vancouver Island, Canada.

The latter in the series received much discussion in the days before it occurred due to Chile, Nicaragua, and Mexico shaking in that order also more or less as predicted. Chile had also been in an EQ Blog under the heading “Next MegaThruster/Tsunami Could Be Coming” immediately before it shook and in a Twitter message as well. Here is a link to that EQ Blog entry:

Therefore it seems necessary now to submit this Official Prediction to the National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council strictly for the purpose of noting that there should be a Major Earthquake in the range of 6.6 to 8.9 at or near the Denali Fault and very near the City of Anchorage, Alaska and well within the State of Alaska probably well before May 10, 2014 and very likely in the hours and days that will immediately follow the submission and posting of this Official Prediction. It seems most likely Anchorage and Alaska will shake at some point during the April 2014 New Moon Window of April 28 at 6:18 UTC through April 30 at 6:18 UTC if not before then. If this earthquake or series of earthquakes has not commenced by the final moments of the month of April 2014, then it will continue to remain likely into the very early hours and days of May 2014.

This type of occasional movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate seems as though it is being fairly predictable at least on occasions such as this where it is exhibiting a circular motion thus resulting in the movement against the North American Tectonic Plate that it is rather famous for and has more than been established historically. You could say that if and when Anchorage does get this earthquake that when such a situation arises in the future we might alert people in the region around the Denali Fault. Not to mention those other areas where earthquakes actually struck this time as well as possibly areas such as, but not limited to, Los Angeles and San Francisco who have as of this writing not been directly affected by this particular movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate.

Thank-You For Accepting this Official Prediction. Respectfully, EQ Guy

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