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This Official Prediction is the result of the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hellen at Madagascar on March 31, 2014 and will thus run until midnight on the night of May 23, 2014. It was previously in effect prior to the 8.2 Richters Earthquake that struck at Iquique, Chile on April 1, 2014 but could still produce more shaking although a considerable amount of earthquake energy was released immediately by way of that big Chile Earthquake.

I routinely track such huge potential sources of what I like to call “Earthquake Energy” for the fact that I have correlated so many major earthquakes as occurring in the wake of these biggest windstorms of all time, and therefore consider this in theory to be some form of energy that must exist and naturally travels from Point-A. . . to wherever Point-B may turn out to be. The resulting theoretical path being thusly some form of Earthquake Energy or another, the actual entity not as of yet having been solved but rather known to exist and as of this writing I seem to be fairly accurately tracking it as many of my regular followers and readers can attest to.

Tropical Cyclone Hellen tracked in sort of a Southeast direction as it made a direct strike at the northern shores of Madagascar on March 31, 2014 and it was noted that the cyclone very rapidly ceased at the point it contacted the shore there. When I checked satellite film clips that were available I found that to be true and formed the opinion that all of those huge winds of this CAT-4 Cyclone must have become “Earthquake Energy” all right at that moment. I prognosticated that this could mean a phenomenal sized Major Earthquake might also strike big time and also immediately and posted a quick “MegaThruster/Tsunami” Alert for as big as 7.9 to 8.5 Richters early on the morning of April 1, 2014 and before that day was out at 6:46pm CDT an 8.2 Richters Earthquake struck at Iquique, Chile and of course a 5 or 6 foot tsunami, too! Exactly as I had “Tweeted” and wrote all about in that days EQ Blog that you can still see @

I have to add here that as I scrolled through past EQ Blog entries to locate the above link, I did notice that due to the fact that the 8.2 Chile Earthquake struck later the same day as the above blog entry, and because none of the entries seem to have time-stamp on them, you may not be able to discern by looking at my entire blog the order these were posted in. Of course my mention of Chile possibly shaking came hours before the headline and EQ Blog entry that appears at the top for that day with the very first entry from that day being the first or bottom one on that list in case you went directly to my blog to view it. Otherwise the link above shows what I wrote in the morning that day with the 8.2 Chile Earthquake striking Iquique, Chile that night.

Yes, all of that Major Earthquake Energy could now very well be dissipated, but with so much potential we will have no choice but to follow it along the line to the southeast of Madagascar and across the Antarctic Ocean, up into the Australian Tectonic Plate very near New Zealand and along that Tectonic Plate Boundary and crossing near Hawii onto almost intersecting San Fernando Valley with Tijuana just to the south.

I am now reducing somewhat the range of magnitude that I want associated with this Official Prediction mostly due to not believing San Fernando Valley and Tijuana could shake to the same extent as an extremely shaky place such as Chile can. So, I drop the maximum about one Richter, a scale of earthquake magnitude that it seems universally agreed that I basically made up as a result of assigning each step on the “Richter Scale” and naming them after Charles Richter in a manner similar to how measurements of electrical power are named after a man named Volta, and current is named after a man named Ampere. I see no reason earthquake energy should not be named after Richter and thus I rate earthquakes in “Richters” as opposed to the much more scientific readings of the “Richter Scale” if that matters to anybody.

Earthquake Preparations might need to become a regular habit for California folks anyways, since at least the last two near Los Angeles Earthquakes have actually come to affect a lot of that population and those who had gone and made even the slightest preparations would have then had their extra bottles of water at their side just as thousands of them lost water due to the number of water main breaks in the immediate region surrounding La Habra. Those of you who read it in my EQ Blog and prepared by having extra water on hand, you are welcomed, and please continue to watch my EQ Blog to always know when the next major earthquake might strike California!

This Official Prediction will be in effect until the night of May 23, 2014 at Midnight and while I am writing this mainly for the purpose of having a formal O.P. on file for the Southern California area, it covers several places that could become the epicenter sparing San Fernando and Tijuana. Those other places are Mozambique, Algeria, Morocco, Azores, Iceland, New York, Chicago, New Zealand, Kiribati, and Hawaii.

Those are the towns along the line, 8.2 has already struck, and this O.P. will run through Day-43 after the landfall of T.C. Hellen at Madagascar, possibly striking somewhere else besides Southern California. However earthquake preparations should always be a fact of life in California and right now is always a good time to start.

Thank-You Again for accepting this Official Prediction!!! Respectfully, EQ Guy

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