Thursday, August 28, 2014

LETTER SENT TO: California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council: Updated Information on San Francisco/Napa Earthquake From The EQ Alert Guy

August 28,2014

To: John Parrish, CEPEC, Michael Blanpied, NEPEC
Fm: Les Brown, The EQ Alert Guy

I recently traveled to California on Amtrak for what I call "Quake Chase 2014: Oakland" due to all of the foreshocks they had been getting and what was looking very much like a lot of danger from a Major Earthquake heading in the direction of San Franicsco and you could say Napa, California. While I like to declare my "Quake Chase 2014: Oakland" a success. . . the fact of the matter is I traveled there during the August Full Moon/Super Moon on August 9, 10, and 11, and left for home on Amtrak August 12, now actually just 12 days before the recent San Francisco/Napa Earthquake on August 24. You may like to see my weekly video Log covering Quake Chase 2014: Oakland @

Today I thought I should write to CEPEC, and NEPEC and put in a good word for myself with regards to the fact that ultimately the Napa Earthquake actually struck 3 hours before the following August New Moon Window and it appears that it probably WAS a response to all of the foreshocks California had been getting at both Lakeview, North of Reno, as well as Incline Village, Mammoth Lakes and a number of other earthquakes that seemed unusual.

Finally, I'm asking the Councils to understand that in the great rush I undertook to schedule my itinerary and get to the location, I DID NOT notify either council of what I thought to be such an impending event. Today I am very sorry I do not appear to have any communications having been submitted to CEPEC/NEPEC communicating the fact that it was looking so much like a Major California Earthquake might be arriving with that August Full Moon/Super Moon that I was inspired to immediately travel out there in the wake especially of what was at that time the "Lakeview Swarm" North of Reno. A search revealed my original CEPEC/NEPEC submission of June 24, 2014 and which had been extended in the general sense to run through August 15, 2014 although it appears this was never submitted to the Councils. That entire Official Prediction with extensions, can be viewed at: AND it was recently my decision not to file additional Official Predictions for areas such as California/West Coast when one for similar areas is already in effect, rather, I decided I would submit updates and extend the existing Official Prediction based on new earthquake energy in the same manner as a Severe Weather Alert might need to be extended due to new Thunderstorms forming in a given area. In this case that present O.P. would have easily been extended at least until August 24, 2014, a discussion of the Full Moon/Super Moon was in order, and just the file date on that O.P. of June 24, 2014 would almost automatically tell me it should run by itself out to Day 60, or August 24, 2014. Additionally, landfalls of Typhoons Neoguri, Ramassun, Matmo, and Halong should have been cause for at least an Amendment being filed with the Councils and ultimately warning of increased Potential Earthquake Energy will into September 2014.

In the future, if the Gentlemen would not mind the potential whirlwind of my communications, mostly via E-Mail, I can attempt to more precisely maintain up-to-date filings with both Councils as needed and especially in situations such as that which preceded the recent San Francisco/Napa, California 6.0 Earthquake of August 24, 2014. I deeply regret not having forwarded any information stating all of what I knew to be going on in California and instead traveled there and enjoyed informing random people on my own. . . with the result being the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council did not have any communications with regards to the fact that they did in fact, have a Major Earthquake heading for them. I am very sorry for the many folks hurt in that recent earthquake, too, and am Very Sorry for not keeping both Councils updated on what I believed to be going on in California during the August Full and New Moons and the subsequent risk of a Major Earthquake there!

Les Brown,
The EQ Alert Guy


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