Wednesday, October 8, 2014


The landfall of Super Typhoon Phanphone at Japan on October 4, 2014, was traveling in a most unfortunate straight-line which when tracked directly along to the other side of the Pacific comes out at exactly San Francisco and The Napa Valley. More approximately the line intersects California around Fort Bragg, Napa, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Fresno, Modesto, Barstow, Twenty-Nine Palms, and Nogales. The line crosses the Napa Valley and actually does not dissect San Francisco or Oakland per se, although my newest theory of a "Broad Line" could be exaggerated to include both major cities.

There is also an existing Official Prediction that will run through November 1, 2014 for a lot of the same region however in a line perpendicular to our new line.

I will estimate this magnitude at 7.3 Richters and will run until Midnight on the night of November 17, 2014.

Although Anchorage did receive a 6.2 Richters Earthquake from the other lines discussed in my other Official Prediction, we should continue that alert through November 1, 2014 due to there still being line T-LV-S, and they received a 6.2 at the tip of The Gulf of California on October 6, 2014 agreeing with my theory that there is movement along this line. There was also just a 6.8 with aftershocks near Easter Island as I was writing this and there is now so much Earthquake Energy around the Pacific that California will have a much higher chance of earthquakes throughout the duration of this Official Prediction.

The earthquake energy generated at Japan upon the landfall of Super Typhoon Phanphone WILL result in an earthquake exactly as I describe in this Official Prediction. Additionally, there was a 6.2 at Napa, California on August 24, 2014 and that region could be due a major aftershock and it could be much larger than that original one was. Super Typhoon Vongfong with 200mph Gusts is also currently approaching Japan and looking like MORE Earthquake Energy for California following this one even still yet! I have to wait for that landfall to know, but it could become three in a row heading for California.

Folks in the Napa Valley Region as well as San Francisco, Oakland, and several of those other California communities may wish to be informed of the fact that there IS Earthquake Energy heading directly for them, and that Earthquake Preparations should be discussed right now.

Respectfully Submitted This Day 8 of October 2014 By The EQ Alert Guy

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