Sunday, April 26, 2015

UPDATE of Letter To California and National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils of March 25, 2015 For MORE Major Earthquakes To Strike U.S. or California!!!


April 26, 2015

To: John Parrish at California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, CEPEC,
Michael Blanpied at National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, NEPEC
Fm: Les Brown, The EQ Alert Guy

~~~~~~~It has come to my attention that the final day of this letter came on April 25, 2015 and of course you probably know it mentioned 7's and 8's around the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate in the final sentence. I also notice that the 5.5 Ferndale Earthquake of April 23, 2015 struck EXACTLY as I discussed in the second to last paragraph.
~~~~~~~Therefore, Today I must extend the "Final End Date" like I always do, to run through this weekend Full Moon Window and more or less the full potential duration of the most drawn out EQ Alerts, or through Day 60 which will come on May 13, 2015. All of this deemed necessary due to EXTENSIVE movement of the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate exactly as I predicted, but further that continued movement now into very dangerous and heavily populated regions.
~~~~~~~You may check any globe yourselves and easily see that a straight line due north beyond Kathmandu, Nepal where they had the 7.8 Richters Earthquake early Saturday and countless aftershocks, straight line due north would theoretically push down on North America and looks like it could cause a whole lot of movement along the San Andreas Fault Line, or Mexico, or Central America. This could be a VERY DANGEROUS EARTHQUAKE, Guys!!! You may be acquainted with the fact that scientists have recently been saying certain movement of a tectonic plate at one point. . . seems to dictate additional movement at even distant regions. Sorry for no "Citation" on that fact today, but I submit it to be more and more accepted science, anyways. As a result of such trending Seismological Philosophy, today I must warn that MORE Huge and Massive Earthquake-Tsunami Events are likely to follow Kathmandu 2015 and the United States are very much in that theater! As well as Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, Sichuan China, and Japan/Taiwan. Most notable New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Texas-Oklahoma seem to be right in line with this potential activity, too, along with of course Alaska, West Coast, San Francisco, and Los Angeles Regions. This could be a huge now upcoming Major Earthquake, Gentlemen!!! Thought you might like to know!!!
~~~~~~~With regards to the information missing from my previous letter, I located the Anchorage Earthquake information and wish to pass it along to the Sirs right now: Of course there was that far Northwest Alaska 5.5 on May 3 with a lot of aftershocks you can see at Earthquake Central HERE: BUT The one I discussed in this letter looks like it happened the next day, or May 4, 2014 and that was the 4.9 Richters that struck 43 miles South-Southeast of Anchorage where I referenced "250 Felt Reports" in that letter, and you can view that at Earthquake Central, too, HERE:
~~~~~~~This could be a Major Earthquake and it looks like I was right on those other ones as well as New Zealand where they got a 6.4 on Friday, April 24, 2015 New Zealand Time. There could also be more Major Shaking at New Zealand, too, but in any event there is probably more on the way and both the U.S., and California could be in the path of this continuing movement of the tectonic plates.
~~~~~~~Thank-You Again For Reading!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
Les Brown,
The EQ Guy

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