Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Extension For Alaska, RE: Follow Up, RE: Concerning California, West Coast, and Alaska

THE FOLLOWING IS THE 2ND UPDATE TO AN ORIGINAL E-MAIL TO CEPEC/NEPEC, BOTH OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED@ http://earthquakealert2.blogspot.com/2015/04/update-of-letter-to-california-and.html

May 5, 2015
Fm: The EQ Guy, Name Edited

~~~~~~~Along the way as I did a lot of research into earthquakes, one particular colleague of mine pointed out very specifically that, "If the (Precision) Tectonic Plate movement (s) are occurring according to this system you are describing (and using) then there would not necessarily be a given amount of time leading up to an earthquake, since it would then be simply pressure building up and ultimately being released." He went on to say the number of days may not always correlate as exact as I like to state from time to time. On the occasion of that ever so valuable bit of info, I sort of knew that big alerts such as todays could continue onward towards my own personal limit of Day 60 and only through his well educated assertion did I know absolutely at that moment that some day far into the future now over ten years it just may happen. Today I am writing to ask that we continue watching this present alert for different earthquakes and especially at Anchorage and Alaska at least up to Day 60.
~~~~~~~With the Papua New Guinea series that just so happened to coincide with the MAY 2015 FULL MOON WINDOW, i now want to say that movement of the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate just might NOT be all completed by Day 60, or May 13 and I will watch like yourselves to establish an agreeable end date for ALL of the seismic activity that I consider to be the result of the landfall of Super Cyclone Pam at Vanuatu on March 13, 2015.
~~~~~~~All of this movement might also now affect the previously described "Counter-Clockwise Rotation" of the Pacific Tectonic Plate, and I am currently saying there is an alert for Anchorage and Alaska for a 6.3 or 6.4 Richters Earthquake on which schedule should occur on May 3, or May 4, 2015, but as with the example shown in my first and second submission of this thread, it took a couple additional days and so I say we should just wait until it happens and add THAT number of days to this correlation to really make my system work great!
~~~~~~~With all due respect for the Kathmandu, Nepal Earthquake occurring in juxaposition with this alert you are now reading, I today must again state they could receive a copy of the exact footprint of the Full Moon Papua New Guinea Swarm there. It could also possibly migrate to China, Indonesia, Japan, or even around the Pacific to Chile, Central America, California, or West Coast in the coming days. I also must today ask if it is not possible as my above seismological associate told me long ago. . . that this one might go beyond Day 60 or continue on just a few days past May 13, 2015. When I deem it to be the conclusion will be the day I declare a new official end date beyond Day 60 for perpetuity and with all due respect for my above quoted highly esteemed colleague!!!
~~~~~~~Here is the entire list of PNG Earthquakes all of which occurred within plus or minus 24 Hours of the exact moment of the May 2015 Full Moon on the night of May 3 at 10:45pm Central Time AND also one of the main reasons for todays submission to the Councils. SEE Earthquake Central@ http://www.eqalert.blogspot.com/2015/05/all-of-these-earthquakes-struck-at.html Note that there have also been like 4 or 5 good sized ones that continued on this correlation to 3 Hours, 2 Minutes beyond the 24 Hours and that would make for plus or minus 31 hours, 2 minutes thereby extending my common extension of plus or minus 30 hours for what it's worth.
~~~~~~~Thank-You again for Reading!!!

Sincerely, The EQ Guy (Name Edited)

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