Thursday, May 14, 2015

EXTENSION Of EQ Alert For California and West Coast, Sent To California and National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils:

The Following is an EXTENSION To an already existing EQ Alert For California and West Coast you can see all previous submissions on this subject@
May 14, 2015

Fm: Name Edited, EQ Guy

Subject: Extension of Usual Length of Alert

~~~~~~~Up to this point in time all "EQ Alerts" that I have ever written up for situations when whatever source of potentially upcoming Earthquake Energy was out there, have been limited to Day 60 after landfall of a huge windstorm. When the May 2015 Full Moon initiated a huge amount of shaking at Papua New Guinea it very oddly continued for upwards of a whole entire week beyond what I call the full moon window which ran through Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 2, 3, and 4. In addition to all the additional movement of the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate, the earthquakes continued at PNG and led up to a 7.3 Richters Earthquake at Kathmandu on May 11, 2015 Central and Eastern Time, probably Pacific Time, too.
~~~~~~~With all due respect for the fact that PNG also had one big 7.1 Richters Earthquake among the week long list of Full Moon Shakers and then Kathmandu shaking from all that added movement of that tectonic plate, PNG seems to continue getting earthquakes that continue to be notable and here is the entire list starting at the May Full Moon Window at Earthquake Central:
~~~~~~~Now, normally I would have given off the chase insofar as Day 60 coming on May 13, 2015 since landfall of Super Cyclone Pam was March 13, 2015 and that would probably be about 60 days, there. However with all of the moving seeming to continue at PNG and now far beyond the usual end limit, I must now assume that the chances for California, West Coast, or Alaska will also continue and therefore wanted to send along this extension today to let you know I am extending the EQ Alert for whatever areas to Day 67, possibly Day 70 and I'm thinking it might even run all the way to Day 80!
~~~~~~~Also, there has just been that landfall of Tropical Storm Ana at Myrtle Beach and this could create a 5 Magnitude Earthquake for our East Coast in the same manner the landfall of Hurricane Irene at Puerto Rico on August 21, 2011 caused the 2011 Virginia Earthquake on August 23, 2011. Whatever little bit of earthquake energy could have been created by Ana's 60mph winds will also travel up into Washington and Oregon, but I do not really expect that to be a factor worth adding to this present alert which has been causing so much havoc up to this point.
~~~~~~~Rather, we should mostly watch for a Major Alaska Earthquake that is now about overdue and just any additional movement at California, Cascadia, or West Coast that is consistant with all the other big earthquakes that have already struck inside of this present "EQ Alert" which is herein being extended to May 23, 2015. . . or June 2, 2015. I actually wanted to say June 2 at the latest, but we will actually have to even wait and see much closer to that date and might assume it should be the end, extending it from that point only in the event that this now ongoing series of Major Earthquakes continues. Note that there will likely be a number of other Major Earthquakes at PNG, Kathmandu, Japan, Indonesia, etc. and continuing to be the result of that landfall of Super Cyclone Pam but only remotely related to todays submission to the California and National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils.
~~~~~~~Thank-You Again for Reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

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