Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Today I must submit a new “Official Prediction” due to the landfall on July 3, 2017 of Tropical Storm Nanmadol at the South of Japan near Nagasaki. This big windstorm has also been called a Typhoon in at least one writing although not sure which agency might have different numbers for a Tropical Storm or Typhoon. This particular windstorm had wind speeds recorded as high as 95 Miles Per Hour and it’s possible there might have been higher speed gusts since I never figured out if that highest speed was a gust or a basic recorded wind speed. In all events the biggest possible gust even with a 95 mph wind speed would be just over a hundred and we would still be looking at about the same effect on the Pacific Tectonic Plate such as we are now watching for as a result of this landfall.

Nominally I generally prefer to give a window of dates when it is the most likely an earthquake will follow such a big landfall and in that case this window would run fully out more towards the end of August and for example a popular day for such resultants to strike or Day 43 will not come until August 15, 2017. I’m saying July 23, 2017 due to the fact that I had what could be my most recent other similar event back in 2014 when I did an actual “Quake Chase” to Oakland/Frisco on Amtrak knowing there was a Major Earthquake heading for that city and possibly coinciding with a Supermoon of August 10, 2014 and this earthquake then struck instead at Napa, California after I had caught my train home it struck during the following NEW MOON on August 24, 2014. Therefore I’ll make use of that experience here and now by putting this newest prognostication down for July 23, 2017 knowing the July New Moon Exact Moment will be on July 23, 2017 at exactly 4:47am Central Time or 2:47am Pacific Time. Conversely I also have what I believe to be best times of day for shakers and might put exact time for this prediction at the usual early morning hours which I assert to be common for earthquakes or coldest time of day when the sun begins to affect the temperature or around 4:55am Pacific Time.

I’m well aware the Councils will also like some explanation for how I track such energy across the Pacific Tectonic Plate and today I might like to simply say that it is a theory today based on several of my very own experiences tracking identical paths all from the South of Japan to our West Coast. Probably the most notable “Quake Chase 2011” when another Supermoon occurred in the wake of another such landfall at South of Japan of Typhoon Roke on or about September 21, 2011. There was actually an Official Prediction on this event I just found at my EQ Blog and you may view it @ The result of this landfall and my Quake Chase 2011 for the Supermoon was a 5.8 Richters Earthquake that struck just Offshore from Coos Bay, Oregon the very night I was there and was then downgraded, but stands today at a 5.3 there!!! And I just so happened to locate a news story on the subject that followed that very successful Quake Chase@ Note that the original magnitude was either a 5.8 or 5.9 if it really matters due to a discrepancy I just noticed between this story and the published one I just now posted there. Above Quake Chase story also states a copy of that above prediction was hand delivered to person at USGS Menlo Park Office where I Rollerbladed to from the nearby Cal-Train Station. Name edited but I can provide that, of course.

There have also been one or two additional Great Predictions, here’s one story from L.A. Times with a big 4.2 Oakland Earthquake the result@ And a story relating the thousands of P.G. & E. customers out of power there when that 4.2 struck@
Two other great ones that traveled this theoretical route shook Goose Lake in Northern California and Mr. Rainier.

As I usually do, I want to submit this paper to the California and National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils mostly for the purpose of letting the Councils know that there probably IS a small to medium sized earthquake heading DIRECTLY for the San Francisco Bay Area and I suppose just a little to the north around Napa, again, and thus to have this writing there on file for when this earthquake ultimately does happen like that above prediction which I seem to recall was sent by USPS Next Day Air to an office of Richard Eisner on Clay Street there. According to my calculations that office must have been right there in the middle of that town and probably not too far from that guys donut shop where his windows were broken there and mentioned in the L.A. Times story above. Similarly this earthquake probably WILL HAPPEN!!! Thank-You Again for Reading and accepting this Official Prediction.

Submitted this day July 12, 2017 by Les Brown, The EQ Guy

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