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I abbreviated the title to shorten the formal name of the Official Prediction I'm discussing in todays paper. That can be viewed at And that bears the entire Official Name there, too.

I must note that I'm entirely leaving out a lot of other good correlations with big windstorms and some other notable California Earthquakes along with just a general discussion of this correlation I've been using around the world for going on 25 years now. Here I am focusing on JUST the correlation with Typhoons that have traveled the East China Sea and made Major Landfalls at the South of Japan Region especially but not limited to striking Nagasaki because they also scrape the Eastern Coastal Regions more towards Tokyo there. It occurred to me in the course of preparing todays submission that THIS CORRELATION alone, especially if this one hits on time, might be of some value in and of itself towards ultimately warning people of California a Major Earthquake or earthquake in general is heading for them and might shake there.

First and possibly foremost of additions I wish to discuss today is the correlation between the Landfall of Typhoon Roke at South of Japan at or about 12:01am Central Time on September 21, 2011, and the "Offshore Oregon" Earthquake of 5.3 although it was originally a 5.8 Downgraded, shook on Oct. 12 at 10:13pm Central Time or 21 Days, 22 Hours, 12 Minutes after that landfall at Japan. Conversely the Landfall of Typhoon Nanmadol was at 23:30pm UTC on July 3, 2017 or 6:30pm Central Time at South of Japan. THEREFORE on this bit of new research I have now added 21 days, 22 hours, and 12 Minutes, and if I did all that math correctly it may equal or at best note the upcoming date of July 25th at 4:42pm Central Time, or 2:42pm Pacific Time would be the date the Offshore Coos Bay Earthquake struck overlaid with this present Official Prediction, and a wait and see if this new research item contributes substantially towards predicting California Earthquakes such as this one in the future.

Landfall of Typhoon Tokage with the highest windspeed reported at Nagasaki of 140 Miles Per Hour at around Noon Central Standard Time USA on October 19, 2004 preceded a 3.2 Mt. Rainier Earthquake of November 7, 2004 by 17 days, and 19 hours and again correlating that with my current prediction with landfall of Typhoon Nanmadol also at South of Japan would theoretically bring you out at 5:30pm Friday Afternoon, July 21, 2017 or later today as I'm writing this!!! Also another potentially useful calculation for California in the future. . . if and when this upcoming one strikes!!!

Finally, I believe I mentioned the 4.2 Oakland Earthquake that shook the USGS offices on Clay Street in Oakland and I located Typhoon Man-Yi landfall around July 13, 2007 and that earthquake on July 20, 2007, therefore this correlation comes in at just around 7 days and said date would have already passed for our present Official Prediction correlation back on July 10, 2017. I assert on this matter that it was however an identical correlation in every way and have been thanked by random people in the San Francisco area for letting them know ahead of time. . . that an earthquake was coming!!! Albeit at Day 7, still well within the words of Seismologist Richard Allen formerly Wisconsin, today UC Berkeley who once told me, "IF this earthquake energy DOES travel along the lines as you explain/say, then there WILL NOT ever be an exact number of days because the earthquake is ultimately due to movement of large masses of rock (Earth) and will not be moving on an exact schedule of days" or something to that effect. Suggesting that I've found a general number of days it takes the vast majority of these to shake. . . but in all likelihood will probably never be able to give an exact date for the resultant earthquake in the manner as I'm currently doing for the purpose of demonstrating how close this correlation has been working for me as I believe these examples show.

This alert in and of itself while covering all the above days and dates I have discussed in this paper, the alert still must be considered to be continuing until August 15, 2017 and the earthquakes which may be considered to be the result of that landfall of Tropical Storm/Typhoon Nanmadol could go on into Early to Mid-September 2017. However in general Japan to California Correlations normally run the number of days discussed herein today. Thank-You Again For Reading!!!

Original "Official Prediction" is at:

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