Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Landfall of Hurricane Maria at Puerto Rico with 175 Mile Per Hour Winds and heading in a North-Northwest direction on September 19, 2017, was quite similar to landfall of Hurricane Hugo at Charleston, South Carolina on September 21, 1989 with 140 Mile Per Hour Winds and Gusts of 160 which came to preceed the Great World Series Loma Prieta Earthquake at the San Francisco Region on October 17, 1989

Quite a similar line from Hurricane Hugo’s landfall at Charleston, then, and Hurricane Marias landfall at Puerto Rico, now. Tons of damage at Charleston, then. . . Tons of damage at Puerto Rico, now! Amounts of damage from big windstorms such as those are one method I use to figure out how big of a potential earthquake we are watching for and in this case damage from Hurricane Hugo at Charleston (Estimated at One Billion Dollars) theoretically led to the big 1989 San Francisco Earthquake and likewise a huge amount of damage at Puerto Rico could lead to the next big San Francisco Earthquake, too. I should report that it appears, although by no means settled science, that other landfalls at Caribbean seem to have preceded earthquakes at Mexico of 8.1 and 7.1 recently, too. Although in those cases a major North Korea Nuke Test with a 6.3 Earthquake there also preceded the Mexico Earthquakes and any siesmologist would agree could have been a factor there. Hopefully similar earthquake energies from that nuke test are NOT still shaking around the Pacific Tectonic Plate and will not be a factor in upcoming Frisco Earthquake or it could do untold damage there.

Number of days was 26 then, and therefore a Key Date in this alert will now be October 15, 2017 or Day 26 after Maria/Puerto Rico, although checking I noticed a “Friday The 13th” in October so that date, along with also October 17, 2017 which will be the anniversary of Loma Prieta, so that will be a Key Date, too. While I decided not to name one specific date since it amounts to wagering, I will set the end date or usual end date that I generally like to put on such alerts such as these at October 31, 2017 and note that I’ve had shaking all the way to Day 60 and Day 76 the latter will come on December 3, 2017 and on that date all the shaking associated with this matter should be completed there.

Gentlemen, much more can be said about what is about to happen in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Region in the coming days but my most important message would probably be some major Earthquake Preperation there!!! The possibility exists here, as always in such shaky places, that the general public will need extra bottled water to go a day or several without, and tools to do some of the immediate work that help might not immediately come along and be able to do as fast as having your own tools nearby. Batteries in flashlights also important and in this case brand-new ones might be in order up there in Northern California and the Boundary Peak, Nevada Region.

Some of my most notable alerts for this region include “Quake Chase 2011” when after landfall of Hurricane Roke at Japan it appeared Northern California could get a Major Earthquake and as a result I was staying out there in Colma, California near Daly City on the night of the 5.8 downgraded to a 5.3 Coos Bay Earthquake of October 12, 2011 the night of a Full Moon there! Another was “Quake Chase 2014” when I was there for another night on the Full Moon prior to the Napa Earthquake which struck a week later the night of the New Moon and after I was home. There was also Typhoon Man-Yi that made landfall on July 13, 2007 wind speeds 155 mph with the potential earthquake energy heading for San Francisco when a 4.2 struck downtown Oakland and did a lot of damage there. Ironically I had already sent one of my old-fashioned paper copy predictions to the CEPEC office then on Clay Street in downtown Oakland a couple days earlier.

THIS is now a very serious alert and I know these do not always strike as stated in my writings, but as I’ve just demonstrated. . . Very often they DO!!! Never sure what I expect CEPEC and NEPEC to do about the big one coming, I mostly like to suggest the full tilt of earthquake preperations including logistics of heavy equipment in those areas, communications, contact lists updated, and whatever else Northern California can do. . . To be prepared!!! Big Earthquake Coming!!! Could be 7.7 on the Richter Scale!!! Thank-You For Reading!!!

Respectfully Submitted this 27th day of September 2017 by The EQ Guy, Les Brown.


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