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At this point in time, as far as my own personal work at forecasting precision movement of tectonic plates is concerned, many is the time I’ve now accurately tracked potential earthquakes from the point they were generated, Point A, to where a Major Earthquake would then strike, or Point B.

One in particular that is worth mention today is when Hurricane Lili made landfall at a place called Intercoastal, Louisiana on October 3, 2002. I’m also using the basis of this event to accurately guestimate the amount of time and thus the date this one might strike. I say that because that landfall resulted in one of my early “EQ Alerts” for Italy, and Italy got a 5.9 on Day 28 or October 31, 2002, killing 26 school-children and one teacher when a school collapsed, there!

So the route across the North American Tectonic Plate, across the Atlantic, across Europe, and directly to Italy that event traveled is roughly parallel and very close to this imaginary line we’re watching and talking about today. It was even a great shock to me that day, knowing it could happen, and discovering that the potential earthquake energy not only faithfully followed across the Atlantic, but must have mysteriously crossed under the Atlantic Ocean and continued on to Italy, although today I track such events everywhere and Ocean Plates have not been a challenge since that event. Still, this event is today not only running a similar line to where I believe we are tracking today, but was also the first ever found to travel that route!

Today we are talking about the landfall of Severe Tropical Cyclone Mekunu at Yemen and Oman on May 25, 2018 and the fact that the first reading of where potential straight-line earthquake energy might be headed using a globe and straight-line tool came out at Chicago and continued on through St. Louis.

I always take several readings in a process similar to how we use precision tools to measure similar types of parts. My second reading came out as a line more near to New York and Washington DC, and third reading came out Chicago and more into Indiana. . . But Chicago again just the same along with one final reading just now calibrated with the clip showing that landfall and that reading. . . Chicago! Incidentally all those readings do also cross Canada, near Ottawa and Ontario, Mid-Atlantic Ridge where we should assume some shaking will occur, and the UK and any of those places could also get all of the 6.5 total we’re watching for today, now. . . And then some!

Then we have all areas between New York and Chicago along with areas around Charleston, and New Madrid and possibly as far west as Oklahoma, Yellowstone, or Montana again, too. The line inevitably continues to Guadalajara, Mexico where this will probably eventually all lead to a Major Earthquake of about 7.3, or 7.8 regardless of what extent all these other places shake! It’s also possible that the point where this “Potential Earthquake Energy” crosses Greece, Italy, Turkey, and other places in that region will get Major Earthquakes, and it will be possible ALL of the potential could be exhausted right there in one or a series of Great Earthquakes.

In the event of a Great Italy, Turkey, or Greece Earthquake in this window, we will pretty much need to keep watching all of the other places along this line as a precaution in case more could still happen. At this point in all my theories, there is not yet at this point a theory that says not to worry about an earthquake in this situation. Although that CAN happen in some parts of the world when all alerts have either run out or are only for more distant places. That won’t apply here and/or now or later with this alert, though.

Landfall of Severe Tropical Cyclone Mekunu had winds of 104 mph, with gusts up to 145 mph, made landfall at Yemen, and on May 25, 2018 our time. I’ll generally continue to track such an event with Day-30, Day-43, and Day-60 all being critical as far as a lot of them striking around Day 30, and Day 76 being what I consider about the final day when things have shook along a given line. Therefore Day 30, or June 24, 2018, is about the day! Then Day 43 will follow on July 7 and is also a big day, along with Day 60 on July 24, but in the near term Day 18, 20, or 23, or June 12, 14 and 17, for Turkey, Italy, and etc. might be when things will start to shake over in that region more near the point where Cyclone Mekunu originally made landfall.

This alert will as a result run until August 3, 2018, but any of these places could get earthquakes at any time before then and I had originally given 7.8 on the Richter Scale, a number I might use today as about the maximum I’d expect and hopefully for more than Chicago could ever get! Some regions are inclined towards smaller earthquakes even though the seismic energy might be the same and so the maximum for Ohio, New York, or Washington DC, might be only a 6, although it should be noted that earthquakes in that region, or all of todays regions for that matter, really have no limit and we are talking about places we may not think of as getting say a 7.3 Richters Earthquake. . . But the reality of it all is that they could!!! And todays alert is the result of what’s been called a “Rare Tropical Cyclone” and this could produce that “Rare Earthquake,” too!!!

So, right now any of these places could get about a 6.5, before August 3, 2018 although remember I’ve gone ahead and selected June 24 only as a guestimate on what the exact date of this upcoming potential Major Earthquake might be.

Thank-You Again!!!!! EQ Guy

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